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Fantasy Survivors » Update 109 – Guildmaster’s missions and new artisan

Hi all,

We’ve added missions, which are simple maps that use the Rush mode. Once you have Survivor Level 3, you can find the guildmaster in the Workshop. He has two missions, one to rescue a villager and one to destroy liches in the local cemetery.

  • Added missions, which are given in the Workshop. A mission uses one of several possible map layouts. Some missions are repeatable.
  • A new artisan, who crafts jewellery (artifacts) was added.
  • If any player finds an adventurer or artisan, it will be unlocked for all players in the same session.
  • Improved the behaviour of adventurers that harvest materials. They are more focused on harvesting/fighting and wander around less.
  • Some new artifacts can be unlocked.
  • Status effects normally disappear when an enemy dies, making it difficult to see if your weapon creates any status effects. For this reason, some of the effects now stay on the dying enemy.
  • If all players died, some players’ portraits didn’t change to skulls. This was fixed.

We hope you enjoy the missions. They can be challenging, so don’t expect to beat them the first time you try. Please review the game if you have not already done so. It increases the game’s visibility on Steam.

Till later,