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Fantasy Survivors » Update 108 – Rename loadouts, magnet pickup and other QOL changes

Hi all,

We have made the following QOL changes:

  • You can now rename all loadouts except “Stash”. The name has a limit of 8 characters.
  • A new consumable, the item magnet, now drops from broken clay pots. It works like a super charged Rake for 5 seconds, pulling all loot towards you. It’s circular range is a full screen’s width.
  • You can now sell potions. This is to ensure that the achievement “Potion toaster” can be more easily achieved by selling all normal potions.
  • You cannot unlock the map boss’ character by defeating the third guardian anymore.
  • The character selection screen now informs you of hidden features you still need to unlock, e.g. the Tavern or Workshop.
  • After defeating the 3rd guardian, a message will inform you that enemies have stopped spawning.
  • There was a very small chance that “future damage” could kill or hurt you directly after reviving. This type of damage comes from unavoidable projectiles that have a delayed effect. This was fixed.
  • You can now claim all unclaimed Achievement rewards (gold) by clicking on one of them and selecting “claim all”.
  • Some in-game tips were added.
  • We’ve added a sound effect for when another player joins your game.
  • The hireling Skinner now does more damage and causes loot to drop at an even higher rate.
  • Mini bosses are now more visible on the mini map.

I hope you enjoy these quality of life updates. Please review our game if you have not already done so. It boosts the game’s visibility on Steam.

Till later,