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Roguevive » Update #10

Hi everyone.
Some little fixes before a big update:

Patch notes:
  • Added outline to the Level up cards, since in the online version, image overlaps with the text, the text needed some contrast for an easier reading.
  • Added a Status screen on pause menu.
  • Changed the Xp point movement logic to fix some weird behaviors when there was too many points around.
  • Decreased the “get away” animation of the xp points.
  • Corrected several items not having a max level.
  • Added a golden border for max level items
  • Fixed a bug that enabled the click on the reroll button when it was not on screen.
  • Pills nerfed from 35% shooting speed to 25%.
  • Fixed a bug preventing different enemies to spawn on endless Mode.
  • Now Enemies get 20% movement speed per lap on endless, caps at 300% the initial movement speed.
  • Changed the Hp formula for Endless. Enemies will get 100% along the Lap, and a plus 100% when the Lap is completed. Example:

    The first Level has 8 Minutes, and the Slime has 8 hp

    At the 4 minutes mark the slime will have 8+4=12 hp

    But at 8 minutes mark, it will have 8+8+8(a bonus 100% per lap) = 24

    At 16 minutes mark, 8+16+16 = 40

    And so on.

Thanks everyone for the support.