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Galaxy Survivors » Update #1


Pulse Blade – A blade that stays with the player’s ship and deals lotsa damage up close
Railway – High-damage piercing weapon that flies towards the player’s ship
Deadly Plume – Fast-firing weapon that deals with enemies behind you

The Marauder

This ship’s best for people that like to hit slow, but heavy. Its projectiles deal double damage, are twice as big and all start with piercing, at the cost of fire rate. Start with a huge Pulse Blade and take enemies head-on!


This modifier enables a new play-style. It slows the velocity of all your weapons by A LOT, but also heavily increases their base damage and how long they stay on screen. Leave a path of destruction behind you and bait enemies into their doom!

  1. Controller should fully work in the gameplay portion of the game. Full controller support in all the menus is coming soon!
  2. Visibility even further improved in the toggled “Better Visibility” mode
  3. Upgrades and Weapons now display their current level
  4. Lots of bug fixes all around

Let us know what you’d like to see next – more content in general, or maybe some mechanics to spice up the gameplay. Report any bugs you find on Steam forums, Discord or in Reviews, we’ll try to fix them as soon as possible!