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Army of Ruin » Update #1 – Improved Turbo mode, aiming improvements & more!


First of all, we wanted to thank you for supporting the game after its release! It’s great to see so many people enjoying the game and we’re glad to see that almost no bugs were found during this week.

Today we’re releasing an update that brings some improvements to the game that should help addressing one of the most controversial things about the game: Its speed. We’re adding a new speed setting over turbo mode that increases overall time scale, making games shorter but way more intense (be advised, increasing speed makes the game harder!).

We’re also adding a way to aim while standing still, for both mouse+keyboard (left shift key by default) or controller settings (right stick). It works only for forward-aiming weapons (such as the Quicksilver Spears or the Energy Bolt), and it will force the character to stop while using this feature, but it will still be helpful for quick flicks while fleeing from enemies and when doing no move challenges.

Another thing we’re changing in this update is increasing the power of a few weapons that were underperforming a bit compared to the rest.

New features:

  • Turbo mode: Added a new speed setting that further increases gameplay speed.
  • Added a key to force movement stop while pressed (left shift by default). Can be used to aim with the mouse or keyboard without moving.
  • Added keys to force stop and aim while pressed (right stick by default). Can be used to aim with controllers without moving.

Gameplay changes:

  • Increased power of the following weapons a bit:
    • Blood Wings (unevolved)
    • Ominous Gale (unevolved)
    • Sparksword (unevolved)
    • Bronze Starfish (unevolved + evolved)
    • Cupid’s Arrow (unevolved)
    • Living Paintbrush (unevolved)
    • Ink Geyser (unevolved)
    • Sphere of Destruction (unevolved)
    • Chain Lightning (unevolved)


  • Moved a bit some decorations in the Glacier area, the boss should get stuck less often.


  • Fixed spike traps not fully immobilizing player when using certain skills.