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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth » Update 1.7.8a

Repentance 1.7.8a

– Little Horn now takes reduced damage from his own bombs (this prevents him from killing himself too quickly)
– Little Horn’s orange champion variant now uses unique flaming troll bomb sprites and always spawns flaming troll bombs when teleporting around the room
– Updated several room layouts
– Updated localization files

– Fixed a bug which prevented scores from being submitted upon winning a daily run
– Fixed missing champion sprites for Rag Man
– Fixed champion Mask of Infamy not using its unique champion sprites
– Fixed champion versions of Chub, Little Horn, Rag Man, Brownie, Peep and the Bloat not using the correct sprites for spawned enemies
– Fixed champion War and Death not using the correct sprites when transitioning to their second phase
– Fixed Lil Loki not counting towards the Conjoined transformation (for real this time!)
– Fixed Clutch’s Clickety Clacks not dealing contact damage after being revived
– Fixed reviving as Lazarus resetting his devil deal chance even if red heart damage was taken during the current floor
– Fixed Bethany’s unlock condition not working as intended due to Lazarus’ new revival mechanic
– Fixed several special room doors not working correctly in the Pay to Play challenge
– Fixed Pay to Play (the item) locking doors that would normally be unlocked (such as the silver treasure room in Greed mode)

Modding changes
– Added missing enums for null items introduced by previous updates