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Void Vikings » Update 1.7.7

Inventory and Valhalla focused update.

We’ve reworked the UI in the inventory to make a simpler and more interesting experience. In the center we’ve added a graph that shows your current debt, original debt and payment amount per wave. The item comparisons have also gotten a static location in the UI with a simplified stat comparison table. The education and overall stats tabs have been combined into just one page that shows both.

In Valhalla we’ve adjusted things to make for a more engaging battle to a high score. The multiplier now has a single timeout (time since last kill) that will reset the entire multiplier to 1x when it expires. Health drops have also been significantly reduced. Added are two bonuses to give you something other than mindless killing to think about; a full heal drop and a very powerful nova explosion. These are triggered by killing an increasing amount of enemies of a specific color.