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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth » Update 1.7.7

Repentance 1.7.7

Gameplay changes
– Added more new room layouts
– Tainted Cain can now pick up items normally in the Genesis room
– Strawman, Found Soul, Soul of the Forgotten and Soul of Jacob and Esau now always match their speed to their owner’s
– Reduced the cooldown of Yuck Heart to 4 (from 6)
– Technology 2 now works with any familiar that replicates the player’s attack (i.e. Incubus)
– Isaac’s Heart now grants its effects to Tainted Forgotten’s soul instead of Tainted Forgotten himself
– Ipecac + Hemoptysis no longer deals damage to players
– Wiggle Worm’s tears up now scales with trinket multipliers
– Hook Worm, Ring Worm and Ouroboros Worm now grant a tears up similarly to Wiggle Worm
– The D1 no longer creates exact copies of pickups (i.e. duplicating a card may spawn a different card)
– Echo Chamber now only copies the last 3 cards/pills used
– C Section + Technology shots now only have a luck based chance to replicate themselves when combined with Explosivo, Sinus Infection or Mucormycosis to prevent infinite loops
– Tainted Moles can no longer be champions
– Increased the armor strength of Tainted Round Worm to 30 (from 12)
– Reduced the health of Tainted Mulligan to 100 (from 120)
– Reduced the health of Flesh Death Head to 30 (from 50)
– Added Dead Tooth and Monstro’s Tooth to Bumbino’s special drop pool
– The creep pool spawned by Free Lemonade now deals more damage and lasts twice as long
– Updated the sprite of Magic Fingers
– Updated a few item qualities
– Updated localization files

– Fixed Tainted Lazarus’ hologram taking damage from the lava in the Beast fight
– Fixed Tainted Lazarus’ hologram being affected by poison clouds and Dogma’s Godhead shots
– Fixed Tainted Lazarus not being able to shoot after flipping while Dark Arts is active
– Fixed Tainted Keeper still getting less coins than intended in from killing enemies in Greed mode if he left the starting room at any point during the current floor
– Fixed Tainted Forgotten not being able to throw his body if blindfolded with a charged attack (such as Chocolate Milk or Cursed Eye)
– Fixed a crash caused by recalling clots as Tainted Eve while moving between rooms
– Fixed a crash caused by using Hemoptysis right as the effects of Berserk end
– Fixed a crash caused by Lil Portal picking up a heart that spawned as part of a devil room
– Fixed secret shops and angel shops not generating in the Red Redemption challenge, crashing the game if entered
– Fixed Eden’s Blessing applying to newly created players during the current run (such as Strawman or Tainted Lazarus’ hologram)
– Fixed Temporary Tattoo, Old Capacitor, Nuh Uh!, Crystal Key and Karma appearing in Greed mode
– Fixed C Section, Mom’s Knife, Brimstone and Monstro’s Lung not working at 30 tear rate or above
– Fixed Cursed Eye not working at 60 tear rate or above
– Fixed Neptunus + Chocolate Milk not firing any tears at 30 tear rate or above
– Fixed red chests in the Genesis room still teleporting the player to the Devil room
– Fixed the aura of Censer and Succubus not rendering correctly when held by Tainted Lazarus’ hologram
– Fixed Lost Soul taking damage from lasers fired by friendly enemies
– Fixed the Visage getting stuck in its first phase if the chain is broken by Uranus or Freezer Baby
– Fixed the Boomerang being able to push stalactites around in the Beast fight
– Fixed bouncy lasers from the pink champion version of the Haunt having a flickering effect
– Fixed the Duke of Flies setting off explosive gas when summoning flies
– Fixed BFFs not affecting Finger
– Fixed Tainted Lazarus’ inactive form spawning its familiars if the key pieces or knife pieces are consumed while shared between the two
– Fixed Tainted Lazarus sometimes causing a crash when flipping with the Mom transformation
– Fixed flipped items sometimes not granting health or consumables
– Fixed bosses taking less damage when non co-op players are present (such as Strawman, Found Soul, Soul of the Forgotten and Soul of Jacob and Esau) or when playing as Tainted Forgotten
– Fixed Lemegeton causing a crash if any non orbiting wisps are present (such as How To Jump)
– Fixed Tainted Forgotten getting two copies of the Dogma item when entering the Beast fight
– Fixed freezing the Bony spawned by the Forsaken preventing it from reappearing and doing its Brimstone attack
– Fixed the Stairway spawning in an inaccessible position in some Greed mode starting room layouts
– Fixed familiars not storing their RNG seed properly when saved and restored (this could cause bag familiars to keep dropping the same reward as Tainted Lazarus)
– Fixed active items sometimes getting lost as Tainted Lazarus when both forms holds two copies of the same active item
– Fixed Trisagion shots always facing right when combined with Anti-Gravity
– Fixed Genesis, Joker and Reverse Emperor not teleporting the player to the correct room when used in the mirror dimension or the Death Certificate area
– Fixed rocket bombs colliding with tears and other bombs
– Fixed Blood Clot, Chemical Peel and Stye not working correctly on Incubus and similar familiars
– Fixed troll bombs spawned as part of certain room layouts being turned into poop pickups when playing as Tainted ???
– Fixed Guppy’s Eye causing content previews to briefly appear in room layouts containing buttons set to spawn chests or sacks when pressed
– Fixed Guppy’s Eye not working in crawlspaces
– Fixed Soul of Lazarus not being removed upon revival when held by Esau
– Fixed some lights not rendering properly since 1.7.5 (this was particularly notable with Night Light)
– Fixed glitch items not being removable by victory laps
– Fixed another issue which caused Lachryphagy tears to accumulate more damage than intended
– Fixed C Section + Pop! or Lachryphagy causing fetuses to never hit the ground
– Fixed a rare crash caused by using Rotten Tomato against Mask of Infamy
– Fixed hearts staying visible in the HUD after turning into the Lost in the middle of a run
– Fixed damage inflicted by the Greed Mode button not counting as self inflicted damage
– Fixed extra items spawning when saving and resuming a run while in the Genesis room

Modding changes
– The full list of changes can be found here: