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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth » Update 1.7.6

Repentance 1.7.6

Gameplay changes
– Reduced the cooldown of Placebo with stat upgrades, Pretty Fly and Experimental Pill
– The Lost’s hearts are now hidden again (Holy Mantle indicator is still visible)
– Enemies are no longer guaranteed to drop coins when encountered in a previously visited room as Tainted Keeper
– Glyph of Balance no longer drops soul hearts when playing as the Lost
– Glyph of Balance can now drop soul hearts, red hearts as Bethany, Tainted Bethany if they need any
– Glyph of Balance can now drop poop pickups as Tainted ??? if he needs any
– Esau Jr. now preserves quest items (such as the Polaroid and the Negative)
– Added Red Stew to the Ultra Secret Room pool
– Added even more new room layouts
– Updated a few item qualities
– Updated localization files

– Fixed The Marathon achievement not usually unlocking (dailies completed before this update may not count)
– Fixed the daily exit confirmation popup not rendering correctly in the Chinese translation
– Fixed the Continue option becoming unavailable when switching languages while mods are enabled
– Fixed Tainted Judas’ birthright not working as intended
– Fixed Tainted Cain being able to take fatal devil deals without dying (again)
– Fixed Tainted Cain not being able to pick up items normally in the Death Certificate area
– Fixed victory lap popup displaying the wrong message
– Fixed the victory lap HUD icon clipping into the stat display
– Fixed lava pits not refreshing properly if the game window was resized
– 20/20 now decreases the damage given by Polyphemus similarly to other tear multipliers (this is still very strong since it cancels the firerate decrease from Polyphemus)
– Fixed 20/20 not increasing Keeper and Tainted Keeper’s firerate
– Fixed Tainted Keeper getting less coins than intended from enemies in Greed mode
– Fixed Telescope Lens and Door Stop appearing in Greed mode
– Fixed Butter! having a 100% chance to drop passive items on damage taken
– Fixed Butter! being able to drop active items on damage taken
– Red chests can no longer teleport the player to the Devil/Angel room while in the Genesis room
– Fixed Dark Esau not blocking enemy projectiles when not charging
– Fixed Dark Esau preventing white champion enemies from losing their invulnerability
– Fixed Esau Jr. removing Dark Esau when used as Tainted Jacob
– Fixed Tainted Lazarus’ charge bar being visible in water reflections
– Fixed Tainted Lilith’s birthright preventing her from opening the flesh door in Mausoleum II
– Fixed Dogma (item) giving hearts every time it is dropped and picked back up
– Fixed Mom’s Ring spawning a rune every time it is dropped and picked back up
– Fixed Magic Mushroom and Leo granting the Stompy! transformation when repeatedly dropped and picked back up
– Fixed a Dross room that could have the right side entrance blocked by rocks
– Fixed a Depths room that could have Brains behind rocks
– Fixed a Cathedral room that could have Polties appear on top of entrances
– Fixed a Flooded Caves boss wave in Greed mode sometimes causing a crash
– Fixed a crash caused by an “I’m Excited!” pill activating in a room with rain effects
– Fixed Expansion Pack rarely preventing the player from attacking
– Fixed not being able to go to Sheol after having used Genesis
– Fixed Genesis turning other characters into Isaac after having used Esau Jr
– Fixed ultra secret rooms very rarely generating in impossible locations, causing a softlock when teleported to via the Moon? card
– Fixed white fire rooms in Downpour and special button rooms in the Mines rarely generating connected to special rooms
– Fixed Decap Attack causing the head to hover endlessly over the player’s body if recalled before the head hits the ground
– Fixed Trisagion lasers getting stuck when spawned by item interactions that create large amounts of tears
– Fixed a rare freeze caused by Trisagion + Continuum
– Fixed C Section synergies with melee weapons creating more fetuses (causing loops/crashes)
– Fixed a crash caused by picking up Strawman after Money = Power
– Fixed Shiny Rock not doing anything
– Fixed Dice Bag causing the Whore of Babylon popup to appear whenever it gives a temporary dice item if the player has Whore of Babylon and is at low health
– Fixed Panic Button triggering on white fires
– Fixed quest items being disabled when the player carrying them dies in co-op
– Fixed Best Friend + Brimstone Bombs damaging the player
– Fixed C Section + Technology sometimes causing self damage when fired by familiars (such as Incubus and Twisted Pair)
– Fixed Dr. Fetus/Epic Fetus + poison effects spawning harmful poison clouds when fired by familiars
– Fixed the light emanating from Dogma’s TV not rendering correctly

Modding changes
– The full list of changes can be found here: