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Void Vikings » Update 1.7.5 – Release!

We’ve released out of Early Access!

NOTE: Updating to this version (1.7.5) loses all current progress.

All of the core features for Void Vikings are complete and in the game. Part of this is a breaking change that means you’ll lose all current progress (unlocked ships, high scores). We know this is an unpleasant choice but one we felt was necessary due to the balancing changes we’ve done to the game. Previous ships and items don’t reflect how the game has evolved as well as previous scores aren’t in line with what’s possible in game.

The balancing changes have touched education bonuses, ship base stats, and item stats. Our goal with these was to make each ship give a unique playing experience, the items to be interesting choices while you’re playing and the education bonuses worth the debt you pay off.

This update also focuses on bringing in Steam specific features and to rework the overall balancing and polish of the game. For Steam features we’ve added cloud saves, achievements, and trading cards to the game.

Big changes:

  • All current progress will be lost!
  • A new leaderboard for the released game.
  • Steam features; cloud saves, achievements, trading cards.

Notable additions:

  • Added the tutorial back to the game for new players.
  • You can delete unwanted ships from Valhalla.
  • Education choices are saved for each ship.
  • Inventory items are sorted by level.
  • Unity launcher removed and settings moved to in game.

Key bug fixes:

  • Education bonuses were being limited by item stat caps.
  • Could use new game UI to overwrite education choices of game in progress.
  • Controller input improved; icons for Wii/PS4/XB1 controllers added, won’t get stuck if no controller connected.
  • Controllers B button backs you out of everything.