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Void Vikings » Update 1.7.4

Lubing up the plasma injectors! This update focuses on making the game run and play better. To do this we’ve worked on the games performance and balancing. Our goal is to make the game fun, challenging and with engaging decisions from the start all while running at a minimum smooth 60 frames per second.

We got our performance gains through reworking physics behaviors and greatly reducing our draw calls. Outside those two large areas we also made a lot of small changes throughout the game to find and squash anything that was using a lot of CPU effort unnecessarily.

For balancing and gameplay we’ve worked on items and enemies. This means improved item stats and several iterations of balancing to make them more interesting when compared with each other. We’ve also fine-tuned item and money drop rates to give a better experience. Enemies are now more frequent and there are now some special very powerful enemies to make things more interesting. The education bonuses have also been increased to make the choices more meaningful but so has the interest rate of the loan it gives you. Paying it off is more fun though since your skill in the game gives you more item or money drops. One shot kills, multi-kills, kill streaks, and the very powerful enemies all give you more loot.


  • Special powerful enemies
  • Vsync setting

Key bug fixes:

  • Enemy movement and AI improved to be completely framerate independent.
  • Health drops will fly to you correctly whenever or wherever you are if you are damaged.
  • Surt ship secondary attack works correctly.