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Void Vikings » Update 1.7.2

Complete UI overhaul!

We’ve reworked the UI; menus have all been improved with fancy graphics and a new HUD in game.

The ship selection and education enrollment menus have been combined. The goal is to make picking a ship and education to be more straight forward and fun. It includes a list of stats of the ship you chose with the bonuses you have from your education.

We’ve also changed how the radar behaves; switching from a square top down view in the corner to an approach of ‘enemy this direction’ along the edge of the screen. The idea is you can keep your eyes on the action and notice new threats using your peripheral vision.

Added Mac support! Note: we’re aware of issues with Controller input on the Mac builds, we’re looking into a solution.


  • New UI; menus and HUD in game updated.
  • Combined and improved ship/education selection experience.
  • Improved ‘edge’ radar.
  • Mac support.
  • Other bug fixes.