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Void Vikings » Update 1.7.0

BREAKING CHANGE! High scores and current in progress games will be lost.

Get an education!

In this update we’ve added an education based progression system and leaderboards. The education gives you specific stat bonuses (like increasing your primary damage) but they have a cost you have to pay back. You pay it back with the Space Bucks (formerly Upgrade Units) you get from melting down items you don’t want. You will have to decide between upgrading items with Space Bucks or paying down your debt. After the first system (5 waves) your debt will earn interest. To win you need to pay off the entire debt from the education you chose.

If you are able to pay off your education debt then you can use that ship, it’s equipped items, and the associated education bonuses to attempt a high score on the leaderboards. Here you have no inventory, no items are dropped and there is no pause between waves of enemies. You also can’t resume a score game by exiting to the main menu.

Other big changes:

  • Previous high score entries will be lost.
  • Fixed all currently reported crashes.
  • Several balancing changes for items.
  • Nerfed the Skadi ships offensive ability.