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Chronicon » Update 1.52.0 is live – The Final Update

Hey everyone!

We are finally here. A little over a month ago we reached the end of our Post-Release Roadmap. Since then we have been working on various bugfixes, balance and QoL improvements, and looking at your suggestions – old and new – for things we want in the final version. This update is the last planned update, and with which the game is considered “done”. There may be more updates further down the road, with fixes or minor tweaks. But as far as big content updates and DLC goes, we’re done!

This has been an incredible journey, which has spanned almost exactly 9 years from first prototype to where we are today! We are very grateful for all the comments, suggestions, bug reports, and support over the years. This community has turned out so great, and we are incredibly happy to have shared this journey with all of you.

Thank you everyone. We hope you will enjoy this update.

…And we hope to see you on our next adventure!
(We’ll let you know when it begins!)


Complete Edition:

  • Owning both DLC’s will now unlock the new UI Theme for “Chronicon Complete”.


  • Rather than fixing the bug which lets you autocast skills by hitting Esc while binding the key, it has been extended to also work with gamepads. Enjoy 🙂
  • Buff display has been extended so that you can now see up to 30 buffs on the HUD. Debuffs were moved to be displayed underneath buffs (instead of above) because it made more sense.
  • Buff durations are now fully paused during area transitions.
  • Companions now have portraits on the UI displaying a counter for how many are alive and any timers (if they have a non-permanent duration). These portraits only show up when playing solo due to interface space constraints.
  • Added a new entry to the Help Index with information on the Mechanist and her unique mechanics.
  • Added a new entry to the Help Index with information on all enemy Affixes.
  • Larger damage numbers should now display on top of smaller numbers.


  • Lucilla’s Vision (TL Helm) buffed to using 100% of overhealing, up from 10%.


  • Frostwyrm set 3p bonus now increases the maximum amount of Frost Winds by 10, up from 5.



    • Lesser Rune of Loaded Bombs now Greater Augments to 100% increased damage per Ammo, up from 50%.
    • Lesser Rune of T-342 now removes the cooldown of MOAB entirely (was halved before).
    • Lesser Rune of Rocketeer Bots now works with Entity’s Inclination (Artifact that applies Weakness stacks on Satellite hits).

    Drone Pilot (Set)

    • Now counts all Drones, including Turrets with the Drone tag (from the 2p set effect) for the 4p set effect.

    Mechalord’s Legacy (Set)

    • Mechalord’s Legacy damage stacking effect is now displayed on your buffs, so they are easier to track.


    • Added small visuals for Mechanist Ultimate abilities.
    • Improved Mechanist’s Whirl skills so that they are less likely to get stuck when struck by Knockback or Pull effects.
    • Leaking Containers (passive):
      • Now adds Parry for each Drone of the linked skill, not for all Drones of any type.
      • Now have 3 ranks instead of 2, and as such grants +3% Parry per drone (up from 2%).
      • The related Gas Salvage mastery perk now grants 4% Poison Resistance and Poison Damage per Drone, up from 3%.


  • Templar Valkyrie 3p set bonus now also makes Sharp Steel deal damage in a radius on each tick.


  • Snowy Fur (Mastery Perk) no longer has any cooldown.
  • Improved the logic of Lesser Rune of Norla’s Gale so it does not replace Tornados too soon, and will empower more effeciently.


  • Slightly improved performance of damage numbers.
  • Improved performance when resurrecting friends in local co-op.
  • Further tightened collision checks for teleporting enemies to reduce chances of them going through locked doors at odd angles.
  • Dead enemies no longer draw Auras and shadows beneath them. (helps performance and makes for less visual clutter in hectic combat)


  • Fixed issue where the game window would open off-center while in windowed mode.
  • Fixed damage numbers getting buggy after hitting 9.9Qi.
  • Fixed “Shoulder-Mounted RPG” (Mechanist Synergy skill) triggering regardless of rank or proc rate as long as you had Rocketeer allocated.
  • Fixed several Mechanist Passives and Masteries that could trigger even with 0 points spent.
  • Fixed weird behaviour with “Machine Guard” Mechanist Pasive and interactions with Companion Passive & Use effect.
  • Fixed some cases where the Drone Pilot set (Mechanist) would need 3 pieces instead of 2 to properly count Turrets as Drones, and where it would consider normal Satellites as Drones.
  • Fixed issue where Mightcap (Legendary Helm) allowed binding the same skill to two slots.
  • Fixed quest “Infestation” granting legacy Elixirs – will now grant 10x Fire Vials on start.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a Shrine rolled to spawn monsters, but failed to spawn any due to space constraints.
  • Fixed issue where some monster affixes that modify elements of base attacks (like “Poisonous”) wouldn’t actually do that until re-entering a zone, so most of the time these affixes did nothing (lol).
  • Fixed issue where unique monster kills would be added to the codex as random other monsters.
  • Fixed the auto-attacking Dummy in Tinka’s Domain not properly triggering some on hurt/parry/evade etc effects on players.
  • Fixed some weirdness with Gravity (TL amulet) and satellite indexing that *may* solve the random double satellite bug. Maybe.
  • Fixed a secret thing that didn’t do the secret thing. (Secretly)
  • Fixed Battlemaster’s Cape not showing the buff/counter for nearby enemies.
  • Fixed issue with Lesser Rune of The Storm Killer not working correctly with Norla’s Gale.
  • Fixed Element of Surprise artifact not working properly with Killbot.
  • Fixed issue where the Mythic Axe recipe might still be hidden for some players.