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Chronicon » Update 1.51.0 is live with fixes, tweaks, and some QoL improvements

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the reports & feedback!

This update should fix most of the recent issues, and also reflects on some of the recent suggestions & feedback.

For the next update, I’m taking another pass at some Mechanist stuff, as well as looking at making some UI improvements based on recent (and some long-time) suggestions. Keep the bug reports, feedback, and suggestions coming! I very much appreciate all your engagement 🙂

Thank you, and have a good weekend!

Here are the full notes:



  • You can now right-click Bramley to go directly to the Expedition Tree.
  • Stackable items are now marked as favorite if either the source or target stack is marked as favorite when transferring to or from the Stash.
  • Runestone renamed “Blank Runestone” to further emphasize on the difference between the Dungeon and Elite Dungeon Anomaly rewards.
  • Improved text display on the Anomaly Waypoint interface (mostly noticable for non-Latin fonts), and several other UI panels.


  • Improved targeting of Rip Blade and Seeker Swarm, reducing the chances of it not hitting anything. (Keep in mind that if it goes off screen too far it will still disappear, so try and point it towards closer groups)
  • Updated visuals of Bomb Bots explosion.
  • Updated visuals of Misfire.


  • Fixed issue where Machine March (Mechanist TL Axe) would snapshot and count companions twice.
  • Fixed issue where Magic Mags (Mechanist Mastery Perk) would trigger on the Drone Pilot 3p bonus, and then cause the Drone Pilot 3p bonus to immediately trigger again, consuming all ammo, effectively not making any difference.
  • Fixed Drone Controller (Mechanist TL item) not granting an extra Drone when using Bomb Bots, and updates its description to be more clear.
  • Fixed issue where Gunner’s Toolbox and Lesser Rune of Pandora’s Turret could both spawn the extra Turret(s) in the wrong location.
  • Fixed Light Lance (Mechanist Holy Passive) always triggering regardless of listed proc rate or points spent on the skill.
  • Fixed Restorative Tech (Mechanist Mastery Perk) not working.
  • Fixed Dragon Leap (Berserker Fire skill) not being able to hit targets the player landed on, if landing on the exact same spot as the target.
  • Fixed Ammo Find stat (Mechanist) not properly being affected by effects that increase all Minor stat, depsite being a Minor stat.
  • Fixed being able to roll Ammo enchants on non-Mechanist characters while Enchanting.
  • Fixed issue where when swapping from one Mechanist character to another, the Mastery tree would not reset properly and some points would transfer.
  • Fixed the Fire and Physical Specialization expedition nodes for Mechanist being swapped (Fire increased phys skill damage, and vice versa).
  • Fixed the Physical Specialization expedition nodes for Templar having the Sword Hurl and Shield Boomerang improvements switched.
  • Fixed some tooltip issues when opening the Wardrobe or the Codex when using a gamepad.
  • Fixed the Mythical Axe crafting recipe not having the correct icon and missing its name.
  • Fixed crash from opening the Device Slotter and some other UI windows after having browsed page 2 or higher in the Shared Stash using a controller.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t send your beast to sell Unique items sometimes when clicking the sell button (overlapped with the stat page buttons).
  • Fixed similar issue with some buy row buttons of the Shared Stash. (this could also in some cases lead to a crash!)
  • Fixed issue where you had to enable hit numbers AND indirect damage numbers to be able to see indirect numbers (now you can disabled “Player Hit Numbers” if you only want the indirect numbers).
  • Fixed rare crash on entering Hidden Canyon.
  • Fixed issue where you could get softlocked when dying in the Eazima fight just as she changes phase – she will now politely make sure you are alive before vomiting you up.
  • Fixed several issues with the Eazima fight and mobility skills causing you to fly away during phase changes (and other weird issues).
  • Fixed DLC Beast Materials dropping from story areas.
  • Fixed some skill typos.
  • Fixed several “Missing Text” in the German translation.
  • Fixed several localization issues and incorrect translations.
  • Fixed problems syncing saves between PC/Linux/Steam Deck. Hopefully.