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Chronicon » Update 1.50.7 live with fixes!

Hey everyone!

How are you enjoying The Mechanist?

A few issues popped up and this update will take care of some of the more immediate ones, such as the Laser Drone crashing on boss death cutscenes. I am also working on another update to squash the rest of the bugs, and fix some weird skill behavior and such.

I also expect to be doing a balance/tweak pass over the next few weeks, so if you have any feedback regarding balance and builds, please let me know!
(I would also recommend joining our Discord and theorycraft and bounce ideas with the community! This is also the place where I am most active myself. Here is a link: )

Anyway, I hope you’re having a good time!

Thank you!

  • Lowered volume of the M3D1C companion.
  • Fixed Flame Zag adding ammo instead of consuming it.
  • Fixed “+x Max Ammo” enchants not being translated.
  • Fixed Power Bots not granting any Holy Damage when activated.
  • Fixed bad offsets and some cutoff on tooltips in some languages (like French).
  • Fixed Laser Drones causing a crash.
  • Fixed The Mechanist having a Templar Holy Mastery node instead of her own Holy Mastery node.
  • Fixed some set bonus typos.
  • Fixed issue where any newly created character wouldn’t show up on the Load Hero screen until the game was restarted.
  • Fixed Lancer (Legendary gun) dropping earlier than its other element counterparts (was 5, is now 15).