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Chronicon » Update 1.50.0 is live!

Hey everyone!

This update is mostly about preparing for the next DLC – The Mechanist.
We have also added full support for German, and there are quite a few tweaks, fixes, and other improvements as well!

We now also support cross-platform cloud saving, so you can take your PC characters to your Steam Deck, for example!

Here are the full notes.

Stay tuned for more!



  • This update prepares the base game for the next DLC: The Mechanist.
  • There are also some tweaks, QoL additions, and fixes for the base game.

New Language:

  • German.


  • Added support for mouse side buttons.


  • Seasonal Events (Christmas, Halloween) are now repeatable each year on the same character.
  • The Christmas event now runs from Dec 1st to Dec 30th (Was 15th-31st).

Enemies & Combat:

  • Slightly increased collision boundaries for Goblins so they are less likely to warp through doors.
  • This also affects the Anomaly Bosses which are Goblins.
  • Multiplied Dummy health by 100 since you guys keep killing them.

Items & Loot:

  • Beast Foods drops no longer play the crafting material sound.
  • Tarot no longer gives you legacy items.
  • Injectors and launchers now drop from level 50 and up and on Heroic or higher difficulty, where most rare special items & materials start dropping.
  • Injectors and Launchers now also require you to have access to the Device Slotter (endgame area) before dropping.
  • Masochist Set (Warlock) weakness stacking is now multiplicative with other sources of weakness, rather than additive.


  • Monster health% display on the endgame interface gets converted to shortened numbers when it starts to get silly.
  • Same for Largest Damage Dealt in statistics.
  • Damage and Mana now also shorten to M,B, etc on the quick stat reference in the inventory rather than overlapping when you get high amounts.
  • Added Ancient Forest loading screen to western expeditions.
  • Added new DLC button to the menu.
  • Updated Credits.


  • Some rare stuttering issues should now be fixed.
  • Audio-related performance issues have been improved.
  • Combat performance should also be slightly improved in hectic situations.


  • Masteries which increase proc rates multiplicatively should now properly go beyond 100% with Crown of Innate Possibilities, since this makes sense.
  • Seeds (Warden synergy passive) now bases damage off Razor Tips as the tooltip suggests.


  • Sounds that play super frequently should now lower their volume a bit in the most chaotic instances.


  • Added a new “Parry” stat which works like Evasion. This stat is currently reserved for the upcoming new Class 🙂


  • Fixed some text errors in English and French.
  • Fixed Elixir of Movement Speed giving half the listed amount.
  • Fixed some starter items being flagged as Legacy items.
  • Fixed some skills and satellites using incorrect targeting, and targeting things out of range (and therefore being unable to attack them).
  • Fixed expedition passive “Prowler” not affecting the berserker “Chilled” weaken passive.
  • Fixed Warlock not being able to roll bleed damage% on Spellbooks.
  • Fixed Death Knight (Warlock Ultimate) giving 20% instead of 25% Bane skill damage.
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen when using Shattering Blow as you enter a portal as Berserker.
  • Fixed crash when using a controller and pausing to exit Korem’s final quest end speech.
  • Fixed Finder’s Keep artifact not revealing chests after re-entering a zone.
  • Fixed issue where Expedition and Artifact progress could snapshot and carry over between HC and SC characters.
  • Fixed Anomaly League progression also being able to carry over between SC and HC in some circumstances.
  • Fixed some errors in the base English text which may have lead to older versions of texts being loaded in.
  • Fixed issue where Storm Fists (Berserker) were only hitting once per second for a quarter damage, rather than 4 times per second.
  • Possible fix for rare crash from dialogue navigation with controllers.
  • Possible fix for companions sometimes forgetting special abilities after changing areas.