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Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors » Update 1.5 | Critical Tasks

Greetings, Agents!

In the last few months, we have been hard at work implementing a crucial new feature for the game the “Critical Tasks”, as well as many bug fixes and optimizations. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the thrilling world of critical tasks, the rewards they offer, and the three different task categories that await you.

1. Critical Tasks: What’s the Deal?

After you’ve successfully terminated a mini boss, you’re not just racking up points and achievements. You’re also gaining valuable intel about the enemy’s movements and plans. This intel is crucial for our fight against the Xenos, and it triggers an immediate critical task.

2. The Countdown Begins

Once the intel is in your hands, you’ll be tasked with completing a critical task that takes place at a random location across the map. But there’s a catch – you’ll need to act fast because each comes with a timer.

3. The Rewards Await

The completion of these critical tasks is not in vain. Upon successful execution, you’ll be generously rewarded with a crate and bonus effects that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Let’s take a closer look at the three different task categories and the bonuses they offer:


Task: Your mission here is to retrieve valuable gear, extract vital supplies, or obtain alien technology that could give us an edge in this war.

Bonus Effect: On successful completion, you’ll receive a magnetic effect that allows you to collect all nearby items at once. Talk about efficient looting!


Task: Raid missions involve eliminating alien parasites or destroying their jammer and rifts. These objectives are essential to weaken the Xenos’ foothold on Earth.

Bonus Effect: Completing a raid task leads to the satisfying outcome of wiping out all minion enemies in your vicinity. The perfect way to clear the battlefield!


Task: Salvage missions require you to hold your position until evacuation is secured, intel is protected, or survivors are rescued from the clutches of the Xenos.

Bonus Effect: Successfully holding your ground grants you a temporary buff that increases your XP and Aether gain. The longer you endure, the more you’ll reap!

4. Choose Your Path, Agent

Now that you’re armed with this valuable information, it’s time to prepare for your next encounter with the Xenos. Be ready to adapt to any of these critical tasks as they can arise at any moment. The fate of Earth depends on your courage and quick thinking.

In Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors, the fight never ends, but with critical tasks, you have the chance to gain the upper hand and emerge victorious. So gear up, Agents, and prepare for the unexpected. Earth is counting on you!

Thanks for your continuous feedback and support up until now. You have all played a significant role in helping us improve the game and make it truly unique.

Have fun and best regards,

Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors Team



– Added Critical Task feature


– Changed color for Cyber Burst attack animation
– Increased max level for Reboot skill
– Nightmode now also increases quantity of enemies
– Reduced the base duration of Ion Barrier from 0.3 to 0.1
– Updated texts for assignment objectives to make it more clear for enemy loot
– Increased Aether costs for skills after loot crate update


– Fixed a bug where Steam achievements did not unlock when importing a savestate – this should now resolve when restarting the game
– Fixed a bug where Vitality module gave the doubled amount
– Fixed achievements for Lightning Gauntlet & Accelerator achievements not being unlockable for some players
– Fixed clipping text in active assignments
– Fixed environment in Area 51 where some obstacles didn’t block projectiles
– Fixed Pickups sometimes becoming enormous during the pickup animation
– Fixed player still changing look direction when using Draft with directional input