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Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors » Update 1.4 | Vitality Augmentations

Greetings agents,

we have a new update for you! As always, we appreciate your feedback and support as we work diligently to improve your experience.


We’ve introduced Augmentations for the Vitality module: Protection and Tenacity.


Generates a shield equal to 25% of the maximum health which regenerates after taking no damage for 10 seconds.


After taking a fatal hit, the agent is invulnerable for 5 seconds. Tenacity has a cooldown of 5 minutes.


Since the release of Area 51 and Vol’nar, we’ve made a series of important modifications. Notably, in regards to some aspects, like values for Vol’nar and projectile size of certain other enemies have been adjusted. We have also revised the damage metrics from final bosses for a better game balance.

Moreover, we have made some subtle changes to the user interface and color coordination, ensuring that your gameplay is as user-friendly as ever.


As always we’ve been hard at work on squashing bugs. Issues related to the range value for specific elements have been resolved. Achievements for certain augmentations are now functioning as they should, and a glitch that was preventing the unlocking of new locations after progression has been corrected.

Also, we have fixed a number of localization typos and inconsistencies.

These updates mark our commitment to continuously refine and improve your experience. As always, thank you for your feedback, and we encourage you to continue sharing your thoughts and suggestions on our forums and Discord.

Stay tuned for more updates. Happy hunting!

Defend Earth Team!

1.4 Changelog

  • New augmentations for Vitality module

  • Adjusted values for Vol’nar, the Deadeye
  • Adjusted projectile size of Blaster enemies
  • Adjusted damage from final bosses
  • Some minor UI adjustments
  • Adjusted colors of Flare augmentation for Cyber Burst to match other player generated effects

  • Fixed a bug using the wrong range value for Void Stalker
  • Fixed Steam achievements for some augmentations not triggering (Lightning Gauntlet + Accelerator)
  • Fixed Berlin not unlocking after beating Paris in Horde Mode
  • Fixed some localization typos and inconsistencies