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Radio Silent » Update 1.3

Greetings friends! I’ve made a few updates based off of player suggestions and the list of changes is as follows:

  • Final Score Stats Screen has been added so players can see how much damage they’ve dealt with each weapon type, how many credits they’ve earned on the current run, and their all-time highest damage on record
  • Fixed an issue with Turrets not retaining the Battery in the base while charged
  • Lowered Near Death Breathing volume
  • Changed color scheme for first level enemy projectiles so they don’t get confused with Exp Crystals
  • Added Button to bring up Turret Tutorial in the Level Select screen so players can bring it back up if they so choose

Thanks for the suggestions and I look forward to hearing what you all think of the recent updates! In the near future I’ll try to add controller support as well as begin working on a new system to bring added challenges for players who want to test their skill! My idea is to add Anomaly Levels where players can spend a new Dark Matter currency to increase the difficulty of a level before they enter it. The higher the Anomaly Level is, the harder the monsters will be but it will also allow for more currency to drop as well as new missions. Thanks for your continued support everyone, stay tuned for more!