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Sky Rogue » Update 1.2 Released!

The WARP feature was developed based on user feedback and as you might notice is a fairly standard feature now in a lot of rogue-lite / roguelike games. The pacing of Sky Rogue’s gameplay is not as fast as certain other rogue-lites, so the time spent playing through Days 1-4 for the umpteenth time (for example) just to get to missions that match your skill level wasn’t trivial. We hope this makes the game much more replayable for longtime as well as new players.

Please tell us if you think the tech point cost is balanced correctly; longtime players probably have a huge bank of them and won’t have any trouble, but it’s harder for us to get opinions from new players still researching techs, when the price will have some meaning to it.

– WARP MENU: If you have reached a new island biome (Day 5 or beyond), you can now spend tech points to start a new run at a later island
– TENGU Experimental Swing-Wing: unlockable after beating the game
– BRONCO Warbird: a propeller-driven aero which is able to mount two weapons per weapon mount
– DRONE-L Trebuchet: a special which will launch drone wingmen. This was present in some much older builds but needed some bugfixes for the wingmen AI.
– The title screen will randomly choose a biome which you’ve unlocked
– Added Aeropedia descriptions to a few advanced weapons

– You can now hold down both Yaw directions (LB and RB on an Xbox controller) for a short while to zoom
– “Gun Camera” option is now on by default (this will only affect new players)
– Physics timestep increased from 50fps to 60fps for better game feel
– Enemies with guided weapons will not be as aggressive if you’ve already got missiles heading towards you
– GB-1 Yumi is now fire-and-forget, does a better job tracking moving targets
– TORPEDO blasts has been given an area of effect
– Bomb blast area of effect increased slightly 15 -> 20
– ITANO-C should be much more effective at hitting its targets
– Stat bar minimums have been set so that the stat bars are more varied and informative
– If you have multiple joysticks plugged in, the one which is first used on the title screen will be assigned to player 1
– Language selection in the options menu now shows native names for languages instead of ISO codes
– Re-added “Rauser” skin
– Achievement “Phyrrus” requires 50 deaths (formerly 100)
– Achievement “Sky Rogue” no longer requires no upgrades
– Mods: Propellers can be animated like you see on the BRONCO using the “Propeller” component
– Mods: Aero templates now copy stall airspeed; this will help with stalling issues on slower aeros
– Mods: .JSON aero mods can now modify some stats; see the modding guide

– Fixed various issues with skin visualization in loadout view
– Fixed minor issues with aero visualization in research menu
– Range calculation has been corrected slightly, everything will have a slightly longer effective range
– Weapons can no longer be fired when landing
– Achievements “Wild Blue Yonder”, “Desert Strike”, and “Snowbird” triggered at earlier islands than intended