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Lawbringer » Update 1.2.6

Hey awesome people,

Update 1.2.6 is now live! Here’s the list of stuff we added:


Block and Parry have been reworked. Blocking now shields the player against melee attacks from all sides, but can be broken after several consecutive hits.
– Parrying an enemy (initiating block at the time of the enemy’s attack) staggers them, leaving them exposed to a counterattack.
– Enemy behaviors and level design have been modified to prevent AI from getting stuck on obstacles and behind walls.
– Trap triggers are now marked by a visible outline, which should make them more obvious to the players.


– Added a bubble animation effect for Block.
– Added shake and post-processing effects when blocking attacks.
– Added an outline animation for traps.


– Traps now correctly disappear when the last enemy in a round is killed. Players can now interact with the body and read the lore entries without worrying about the traps and stray bullets.
– Fixed faulty physics colliders on several static objects throughout the arena.