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Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors » Update 1.2.3 | Lightning Gauntlet!

Hello Agents!

In our latest update, we are thrilled to unveil the addition of a set of brand new Augmentations for the Lightning Gauntlet. This powerful weapon enhancement brings electrifying capabilities to your arsenal, allowing you to harness the raw energy of lightning and strike down enemies.

The Augmentations are:

Voltage, the lightning will jump from the initial target to additional enemies, allowing you to chain your attacks and damage multiple foes at once.

Jolt will stun enemies temporarily, giving you a strategic advantage by immobilizing them and creating openings for follow-up attacks.

We are excited to see what builds you will come up with with these new augmentations.

As always: Have fun saving the world!

Defend Earth: Xenos Survivors – Team



– Added new Augmentations for Lightning Gaunlet weapon, Accelerator & Bounty module


– Reworked Health bar to increase visibility during combat and when behind obstacles
– Projectiles and other combat related VFX are now colored blue-ish when coming from the player and red when coming from an enemy
– Health packs and Aether pickups now slightly glow
– Minor environment adjustments for Atlantis Lab level
– Reduced the difficulty of assignment objectives for Mending & Bounty module
– Some minor UI coloring tweaks
– XP pickups now visibly trail when moving and travel slightly slower when collected from far away
– Reduced the effect of Weakpoint skill from 12.5% to 5%.
– Reduced the effect of Medic skill from 1% to 0.5%.
– Enemy variants (Alpha & Gamma) now have a higher chance to drop Aether capsules


– Fixed empty loadout slots for modules showing weapon icon
– Fixed a bug where Knockback Breaker augmentation didn’t apply on slow and stun effects
– Fixed some issues related to health effect conditions for Cooldown Adrenaline & Mending Rejuvenation augmentations