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Ember Knights » Update 1.1 Patch Notes

Hello Knights!

Did you think 1.0 was the end for Ember Knights? Not even close!

We’ve been collecting all the comments, suggestions, and feedback from 1.0, married those with our vision, and have put together a BIG list of improvements for our first postlaunch update!


The Praxis Realm received a major update!
To make decisions meaningful, we’ve added rewards everywhere including a new reward type for completing all 8 portals.

We’ve also added 2 new Praxis-inspired skills that should bring out a little evil sorcerer in everyone!
In addition, we’ve also added a bunch of new rooms and made some important enemy and hazard balancing changes.

Easy Mode

This has been a popular request from our players. Some find the game too difficult, some find the game too easy, and some find a big skill disparity between teammates. We’re hopeful that these new options make the game more accessible for more players.

Ember Shrine

Another popular request has been Knight customization. We’ve revived an asset we made long before the Combat Demo days and repurposed it for the brand new Ember Shrine. Replacing the Ember Pit, the Shrine will allow much more customization with the current player colors. It will also allow us to add further customizations so keep an eye out for that!

Nexus Improvements

We’ve made a bunch of visual improvements to the Nexus. Check out the Weapons area, Skills area, and Compendium to see all that’s been done!

Quality of Life Improvements

Listening to all the 1.0 feedback, we prepared and tackled a massive list of improvements that touch almost every component of the game!

Keep reading for the full list of additions, improvements, and fixes!

Complete Patch Notes

Note: items marked with 🔥 are a result of player feedback.

New Content and Features
Netherra 🔥
  • Added rewards to each room as well as added a special reward for completing all 8 portals
  • Added new rooms including Healing Rooms, Offering Pits, Miniboss Rooms, Selector Rooms, Shops, and more
  • Adjusted the requirement on the second hub from 2 portals to 3
  • Balancing changes to the enemies and hazards
Netherra Skills
  • Soul Siphon – Details: Conjure a Praxis-like laser that blasts enemies in its path and gain bonus skill damage on each enemy for interesting skill combinations
  • Gravity Well – Details: Cast a giant black hole that will pull and slow enemies as well as deal AOE damage
Easy Mode 🔥

On each new save slot, you’ll be able to choose an Easy, Normal, or Hard experience.

Ember Shrine 🔥

With the new Ember Shrine, you’ll be able to choose your flame and armor independently of each other.

Nexus Improvements
  • Weapons Area – Visual improvements to better indicate Mod completion
  • Skills Area – Visual improvements to better indicate Skill collection
  • Compendium Area – Visual improvements to add a little more life to the area

In addition to the new content and features, we’ve also made the following changes:

  • Ember Fire 🔥
    • Reduced hits to refresh from 10 to 8
    • Increased max charges from 1 to 2
    • Increased damage from 15/20/25 to 20/25/35
  • Frost Wall
    • Increased damage from 15/20/25 to 20/25/30
  • Phantom Spear 🔥
    • Increased damage from 15/15/20 to 20/25/30
    • Adjusted poison stacks from 3/3/5 to 2/3/4
  • Rupture
    • Decreased damage from 30/30/30 to 20/25/30
    • Increased hits to refresh from 12 to 15
  • Chakram
    • Reduced max charges from 2 to 1
    • Reduced bounces on Perfect by 1
    • Adjusted damage from 12/14/16 to 15/15/15
  • Cyclone
    • Adjusted damage from 3/5/8 to 4/5/6
  • Ballista
    • Adjusted attack rate from 0.8/0.5/0.3 to 0.5/0.4/0.3 (in seconds)
  • Judgment 🔥
    • Adjusted damage from 15/15/20 to 50/35/30
    • Reduced cast delay from 0.45/0.45/0.45 to 0.25/0.2/0.15
  • Adjusted all Skills to have a 0.15s Perfect cast window 🔥
  • Adjusted minimum hits to refresh to never go below 5
  • Rejuvenation Glove 🔥
    • Adjusted rarity from Epic to Common
    • Increased max owned from 1 to 3
  • Ripe Elderberry 🔥
    • Adjusted rarity from Common to Epic
    • Reduced max owned to 1
  • Chronograph
    • Adjusted max owned to 4 with growth of 1
  • Giant Mace
    • Adjusted rarity from Epic to Common
  • Stun Powder 🔥
    • Adjusted rarity from Common to Epic
  • Combustion Stone
    • Adjusted growth to 10
  • Conduit Spike
    • Increased damage from 2-8 to 4-10
    • Adjusted growth to 1-10
    • Improved visuals to match VFX from lightning Staff
  • Steel Greaves
    • Adjusted rarity from Epic to Common
    • Reduced Armor from 5 to 2
  • Empowered Bangle
    • Reduced damage from 75% to 50%
    • Adjusted max owned to 2
  • Supreme Ambition 🔥
    • Updated description to reflect permanent increase on Skill damage
  • Titan’s Wargear 🔥
    • Updated description to reflect permanent increase on Weapon damage
  • Magic Tome 🔥
    • Adjusted description to better convey where damage comes from
  • Bruma’s Ring
    • Updated visuals and sounds
  • Adjusted gold cost on various Relics
Endgame Modifiers
  • Added the DEMONS difficulty tier 🔥
  • Added buttons to activate and deactivate all modifiers 🔥
  • Adjusted values so harder modifiers are worth more 🔥
  • Added more ranks to Aficionado (8, 6, and 4 max relics)
  • Visual improvements
Endless Looping 🔥
  • In addition to adjusting enemy damage and enemy health, added enemy attack speed, enemy move speed, and enemy spawning
  • Loop 1
    • Enemy Health – 200%
    • Enemy Damage – 200%
    • Enemy Attack Speed – 135%
    • Enemy Move Speed – 175%
    • Enemy Spawning – 175%
  • Loop 2
    • Enemy Health – 400%
    • Enemy Damage – 400%
    • Enemy Attack Speed – 200%
    • Enemy Move Speed – 300%
    • Enemy Spawning – 300%
  • Loops 3+
    • Enemy Health – exponential growth
    • Enemy Damage – exponential growth
    • Enemy Attack Speed – no longer increases
    • Enemy Move Speed – no longer increases
    • Enemy Spawning – no longer increases
  • Added a borderless window mode 🔥
  • Healing rooms now also fully charge skills
  • Updated shop rerolling so a reroll can present a new type of item 🔥
  • Added Ember to secret rooms for subsequent entries after the Ember dust has been collected 🔥
  • Added stat gems to miniboss rewards 🔥
  • Adjusted the intro and outro animations on Scoggfirth and Wightsbury bosses
  • Added damage reduction on phase transitions for Scoggfirth and Wightsbury bosses
  • Changed the Apple Crisp to give a full charge to the first skill
  • Updated the player indicators to match the player color 🔥
  • Added Ash to the top left of the inventory/status screens 🔥
  • Visual and layout adjustments to player inventories
  • Added VFX for when a skill is ready 🔥
  • Added VFX to the player when a skill charge has been collected
  • Added a low HP animation to the player HUD
  • Moved buttons tips closer to the player
  • Updated the visuals for the player revive sequence
  • Hid the HP bar during revive animations
  • Updated the weapon icon in the inventory to change if equipped with the Ultimate version 🔥
  • Updated the visuals for the Phantom Spear projectile
  • Minor Ember Tree improvements including a visual to indicate when a node is not ready but can be unlocked and player feedback for players 2-4 when trying to interact with the Ember Tree in local co-op
  • Decreased the time it takes for the Room Complete banner to clear 🔥
  • Changed the relic selector so the window pops-up instantly after interacting with it similar to skill selector
  • Updated lightning VFX on relics to reduce visual noise 🔥
  • Changed FTUE rewards from a random skill and relic to a skill selector and relic selector
  • Adjusted the visual indicator to the Snow Witch’s attack
  • Visual changes to Bruma’s ring VFX
  • Added SFX to Bruma’s ring
  • Added shake to the ice pillars in Steadfast Citadel
  • Added SFX for chained status effect when player tries to move in Steadfast Citadel
  • Added a charge attack indicator to The Forlorn’s laser attack 🔥
  • Wisps are killed after they light the door to the secret room in Wightsbury
  • Adjusted the position of Evee’s Care Package in Wightsbury 🔥
  • Big visual pass on Anville to help with visual noise and clarity 🔥
  • Updated spawn VFX for all enemies
  • A bunch of improvements to the Mimic King
  • Increased damage reduction on Praxis buffed enemies from 0.75 to 0.95
  • Removed the crossed swords doormats 🔥

And finally, the massive list of bug fixes!

  • Fixed a few bugs where projectiles were behaving inconsistently. This includes fixing the issue with Arlan’s Lucky Dice projectile staying on screen if spawned beside a pit or wall 🔥
  • Fixed a bug where the armor icon was showing its previous state
  • Fixed a bug where Pilot Light wasn’t cooking dropped items 🔥
  • Fixed a bug where Bitter Chisel wasn’t healing the player when killing a frozen enemy
  • Fixed a few issues where upgrades on armor relics were not triggering armor-based events. This includes Steel Greaves, Guard Scepter, Wizard’s Fleece, and Spite Shield 🔥
  • Fixed a bug where players would get stuck in their walking animation when using an interactable with a UI
  • Fixed a bug with the the camera zoom effect when exiting area rooms
  • Fixed a few issues that were causing the wrong currency to show in the Nexus shop
  • Fixed a bug that was not showing the Empty tag on empty save slots
  • Fixed bug where players could get infinite gold using the Dividend Ember Tree upgrade
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the last frame of the attack animation to persist when using a skill
  • Fixed a bug that was causing other controllers to vibrate when taking damage as P1 in single player
  • Fixed a misaligned label on the manual revive button tip
  • Fixed a few visual issues with the Blast Bomb
  • Fixed a few issues with the Offering Pit where it was incorrectly giving Steward’s Gift 🔥
  • Fixed a few visual issues with Rakklings that were preventing the flash VFX from being removed when stunned
  • Fixed a bug with all versions of the Phalanx where their jump attack would behave strangely for clients in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a few visual issues with Praxis Phalanx’s shield
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Lord Bruma to face the wrong direction during his charge attacks
  • Fixed some issues with Glacial Bruma’s wind attack so the wind doesn’t persistent into subsequent phases 🔥
  • Fixed an issue with the Wightsbury cutscene that was causing players to reappear after the cutscene
  • Fixed a bug with Herald that was preventing the chain attack from dealing damage to the player
  • Fixed a bug with Beguile’s ring attack projectiles where they wouldn’t return to the origin of casting for clients in multiplayer games
  • Fixed a few visual issues with the Phantom variants’ intro sequences
  • Fixed a few issues that were preventing volt traps from deactivating properly
  • Fixed a few visual issues with the Anville boss variants’ animations
  • Fixed a bug that was causing gold that can’t be collected to appear after beating Praxis 🔥
  • Fixed a bug with enemy projectiles that was preventing them from fading their shadows when the enemy dies
  • Fixed a bug that was causing enemies to target invisible players when walking into a new room 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the victory music from playing after defeating Skrixxa Za for the first time 🔥
  • Fixed a few bugs that would arise from enemies breaking props
  • Fixed an online multiplayer bug where the Ultimate weapon skin wasn’t being applied properly after dying and restarting 🔥
  • Fixed a few multiplayer bugs where clients would not receive damage from various enemy and miniboss attacks including The Forlorn Champion and Guzzle Wound 🔥
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug where the Anville boss variants weren’t pushing back clients at the end of their phase transitions
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that was causing teammates to take damage with Shared Fate when the player being attacked has a barrier active 🔥
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that was causing HP to desync in miniboss fights when having Earned Vitality 🔥
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the planets on the loading screens to appear warped
  • Fixed a visual bug when quitting from the pause menu and returning to the main menu
  • Fixed some visual issues with the opacity on dropdown menus
  • Fixed a bug where the game could lose focus
  • Fixed a bunch of various audio bugs

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