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Xmas Apocalypse » Update 1.1.3

Another update with a lot of fixes. Shattering finally doesn’t cause any lag spikes anymore and also a bunch of other things have been cleaned up around the freeze mechanic. Also I’m trying out a new option for players that have been struggling with the zoomed-in over-the-shoulder aiming setup. You can now press C and the aiming view will switch between the default one and a new centered view that gives more overview to the surroundings to avoid ambushes easier. Hope it helps.
Also I changed some things with the default shotgun. To make it more appealing again it starts with 3 projectiles now.

I wish everyone a happy new year 2024!

  • Removed performance bottleneck when enemies were shattering from the Ice Bucket of Dread skill card
  • Mammoths don’t slide anymore after freezing and execute the run animation properly
  • Improved mammoth’s freeze animation
  • Fixed bug that caused frozen enemies to slide towards the player after spawning
  • Fixed coins being rewarded for the first level the character starts with
  • Fixed boss behavior that caused them to never attack when the player stayed too far away
  • Removed placeholder item and skill cards from the deck that aren’t unlockable yet
  • Fixed bug that could stop shields from spawning again in the level
  • Gems from shattering Undead Vultures drop to the floor now
  • Cleaned up explosives from respawning enemies like boars, vultures and mammoths
  • Boars, vultures and mammoths also start the projectile bounce from the Light Chain skill card
  • Reverted change from 1.1.0 that divided coins for time survived by 3. Now the reward is back to 1 second equals 1 coin to improve pacing of progress.
  • Minigun base damage reduced to 30 for balancing
  • Ducks and Stars don’t spawn from presents within the first 90 seconds anymore when they were not as useful
  • Added the option to switch the aim camera view between classic over-the-shoulder and a new centered view
  • More of a change than something new, but I just wanted to highlight it here: The shotgun starts with 3 projectiles now that have a combined base damage of 90 (30 per projectile), which also means the total number of projectiles it can get to with the Caramel Liqueur skill card has been raised to 11.