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Lawbringer » Update 1.1.0

Hey awesome people,

Update 1.1.0 is now live! Here’s what we added:


– Integrated Steam Leaderboard and added an in-game leaderboard UI. You can now see how you rank relative to other players. The game scores you on two metrics: how far you got (Best Round) and how aggressive you’re playing (Highest Favor). Beat the devs for extra street cred!
– Best Round and Highest Favor on the HUD will now sync with Steam Leaderboard scores.
– Added a round counter to the HUD.
– Added a list of perks acquired during the current run. The list is shown in the upper left corner on pause or perks selection screen.


– Player can now dodge over/through spike traps and not take any damage from it.
– Increased dodge invulnerability duration slightly.
– Modified traps colliders to prevent triggering outside of the trap’s sprite.


– Fixed an issue where traps would occasionally remove invulnerability from the player.
– Fixed an issue where exploding Conjuration Beast would sometimes also explode the game.