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Striving for Light: Survival » Update

If your operating system decided to hide the software cursor go to the options and deactivate highlighted mouse cursor option. We have deactivated this option by default now. If you have trouble navigating to the options delete the settings.cfg in %appdata%Godotapp_userdataStrivingForLight-Survival.

New Features:
  • Added steam rich presence support: Steamfriends can now see the what wave, level and map you are currently playing on.

  • Performance improvements for all enemy spawn
  • Software cursor setting has been renamed to “Highlighted Mouse Cursor” to make it this option more clear. This option is now deactivated by default since the OS of some users makes the software cursor disappear. For all players that have a hidden cursor go to the options menu and deactivate the highlighted mouse cursor setting.
  • Improved window positioning for borderless mode. You should now be able to toggle borderless window mode on your secondary monitor without the game window moving back to the primary monitor.
  • Improved Dodge: Dodge now has a shorter duration and faster travel speed which makes the dodge more responsive. The shorter duration also gives you back the control over your character faster. Invincibility duration has not been changed.

  • Lowered attack speed for first enemy in cave map
  • Lowered attack speed for scorpion enemies and increased the shooting cooldown
  • Lowered frozen ground snail effect duration in frozen lands map
  • Performance improvements for on death skills
  • Removed the steam achievements for no move challenge level 15/20 they are now only available in game

  • Fixed the initial language setting fetched from your operating system containing additional locale extensions like “en_US” and also displaying your operation system language setting instead of the fall back language in the options menu.
  • Fixed on death effects not being stacked properly. Fragment was only triggered once even though there where multiple instances skilled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused not all grim reaper scythes being spawned and causing a memory leak
  • Fixed memory leaks on scene switch in the menues and prepare run screen
  • Fixed wrong damage calculation for bursting skills on enemy death
  • Fixed saved health when entering a saved run collecting health exiting and re-entering to heal up
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