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Striving for Light: Survival » Update

With update we are introducing a new backup system that will create an additional backup copy of your current selected save one time each day and a skill stack counter so that multiple of the same skills not clutter up the skills section on the stats window (or build viewer) and directly shows how much stacks of a skill you have aquired.

As a short recap, a hotfix yesturday which was live for a few hours messed with the save files resulting in lost progress. If you have lost any progress due to this bug please contact us and we will restore your progress, more information on this at our yesturdays post:

New Features:
  • New Backup System: Errors that can happen will happen sooner or later, so we took this as a lessons learned and implemented a backup system that backs up your current selected save file one time each day on game start. This will also make it possible for players that messed with the save file on mistake to restore their progress. As this error caused quite some inconvenience it also contributed to improving the game.
  • Skill Stack Count on Stats: In the stats window and on the build viewer in the skills section you will now only see one instance of each skill with the amount of skill stacks for each skill. This will make it possible to see how much of each skill you have active whithout having to count. You can also hover over the skill in the skill section and highlight all instances in the skill tree to faster locate them.

  • Changed vsync mode to fix micro stutters that have been reported. Please keep us updated on this if the change improved it or made it worse as this will depend on the operating system / PC setup/ graphic driver settings etc.
  • Improved basement map lightning (v.
  • Increased skill stack number size in stats window and build viewer (v.
  • Enemy spawns created by other enemies are now as well indicated by red spawn circles (v.

  • Language is now properly saved and not reset after a few game restarts
  • Fixed farmer and rogue unlocks missing in the achievement lists
  • The random skills on a new run when not re-selecting new skills are now shuffled again (v.
  • Fixed crash on beach endless mode whan awakened tidal titan should spawn additional enemies (v.
  • Fixed achievement unlock conditions for burning projectiles and burning cast (v.

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