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Tesla vs Lovecraft » Update 1.0.1 goes live + French!

It’s been one week from the release, and we’ve been working on some updates based on your feedback!

  • French language added! (thanks to Christophe Pallarès for translation)
  • Gauss Assault Rifle’s damage doubled
  • Crystal timer removed, you can collect as many as you want, as often you want!
  • Crystals now available in first plane (after first play through)
  • Green crystals added, they are worth double the normal crystals
  • Perk shuffle fixed, should no longer offer the same perks
  • Gameplay options added
  • Maximum Monster count is set by default to minimum (150), which can be upped to 600 for personal enjoyment
  • Camera view distance setting removed
  • Survival’s maximum monster count can no longer changed.
  • First weapon now drops earlier
  • Weapon lock functionality added (R for keyboard, B/X for Gamepad). It prevents you from accidentally collecting weapons.
  • Fixed graphical glitches
  • Difficulty in Normal Plane is increased
  • Difficulty in Aether and Eldritch Planes is decreased
  • Minigun sounds should no longer loop while game is paused
  • Fixed mismatch in Survival score display
  • Medikits no longer heal dead players
  • Higher Education quest fixed
  • Option to turn off screen shake

Big thanks to all the players! We hope you are happy with the changes. If you have any feedback, please let us know!

[Linux and Mac will have update a bit later. Most of these updates are already available to Linux and Mac in the Beta branch.]