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Brotato » Update

This update contains bug fixes, performance enhancements, and more.

Regarding the future of Brotato: New content will be coming to the game in the form of DLCs and free updates! We’re excited for what’s in store and will share more details as they become available.

  • Added projectile and explosion opacity options to improve visibility in endless mode
  • Added option to limit FPS to 60
  • The health bar will now indicate whether tardigrades are still active in the current wave using a purple color
  • Reduced weapon cooldown variation for Multitasker with many weapons
  • Fixed bug preventing more than one weapon from appearing in shop on wave 3 (is now the same as waves 4-5)
  • Fixed bug causing revolver and chaingun to reset their interrupted cooldowns on stat changes
  • Fixed bug causing gardens that are far away from the player to stop spawning fruits
  • Fixed bug causing some consumables to drop outside of map bounds
  • Fixed the player HP bar being hidden by some effects
  • Fixed movement with controller D-pad
  • Fixed bug preventing crates from dropping items locked in the shop
  • Fixed bug that could cause the maximum HP regeneration rate to be linked to framerate
  • Fixed display bug preventing shop stats affected by material count from updating on reroll
  • Fixed bug that could cause effects to not be removed when weapons are combined or recycled after resuming saved game
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect danger level to display during run after resuming saved game
  • Fixed bug preventing boosted enemies from flashing when attacked
  • Fixed crash at wave end
  • Fixed UI bugs in options menus
  • Various performance improvements
  • Updated godot-mod-loader to v6.2.0 (mod authors should check deprecation warnings)
  • Mods can now extend these classes without workarounds: Effect, EntitySpawner, ItemParentData, Weapon, WeaponStats, Shop
  • Note: the changes made to improve performance in this update may be breaking changes for some mods