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Picayune Dreams » Update

Hello, Stepford again! ːNekoː Hope your week has been well. Here is a small patch to fix some of the issues the previous patch caused. This isn’t the patch I was talking about prior to Christmas in the last patchnotes, but it is a little somethingsomething.

  • Added: You can now see how many hours until the Daily is refreshed.
  • Added: 100th achievement, for reaching level 25. (Since 20 was the maximum level on release.) All you need to do is go to the Main Menu, and it should unlock if you’re already 25.
  • Added: You can go to the Credits and click a button to rebuild your save using your Steam achievements, in case it ever gets lost or broken.
  • Fix: Updated some Collection descriptions to reflect recent changes.
  • Fix: USBs in the collection would show up before killing the associated bosses.
  • Fix: Worm spawns two of the same brain hemispheres, instead of opposing sides.
  • Fix: There was a few issues brought on by the sound priority system of the last patch. I THINK I have fixed them all! Please tell me if any other *important* sounds have been drowned out/cut off for other less important sounds since the last patch.
  • Fix: Some spelling mistakes were cleaned up.
  • Fix: Holding down tab to slow down the game was only meant to happen when enemies were being actively spawned.

While I’ve got you looking here, we’re (Andyl4nd, Milkypossum, I and Graeme (our publisher) if he can make it) gonna be doing a Twitch stream on Sunday 8 PM EST (thats Monday 11 AM for AEST auzzies like me). We’re gonna be playing the game live, talking about development, answer questions and stuff. Hope to see some of you there! And thank you so much for all the kind words, bug reports and feedback so far. I can’t wait to get some new juicy stuff in your hands.