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Picayune Dreams » Update

Hello! ːNekoː Stepford here again. This is the third update to the game I’m putting out, aimed at adding a few suggestions and fixing a few bugs in the game! Please keep leaving suggestions and bugs in the the Community forums, they have been really helpful and I read them all. ːGunfireRebornloveː

  • Added: X and Y coordinates to the HUD.
  • Added: You can now toggle XP combining into Canisters, if you preferred the XP Text growing enormous and filling the screen.
  • Added: If you want to play with both a controller AND a mouse at the same time, there is now an option in the Gamepad section to help with that.
  • Added: A unique sound to the XP Canister pickup.
  • Added: You now revisit memories from the Loadout menu directly, instead of having to kill the boss again. This does make the skill a bit redundant, I might have to make it do something else instead.
  • Added: You can now instantly pick one of the three upgrades with the directional pad. (Turn this off in the Gamepad settings if you don’t like it.)
  • Added: You can now play with Autoaim Deadzone, a setting in the Gamepad settings, to toggle autoaim if you’re moving the analog stick or not.
  • Change: Made levelling up your profile slightly faster.
  • Change: XP Cans are now influenced by Late Game Auto XP, instantly adding their stored XP to your XP pool the moment it starts getting sucked.
  • Change: Recolored XP Cannisters.
  • Change: Made it more obvious when your Curse has raised.
  • Change: Made it more obvious which statues will raise your Curse.
  • Change: Biker has stun/slow immunity during some attacks.
  • Change: Reverted Ghost Boss’ blue bullets back to being red, like in the demo.
  • Change: Ghost Boss now forcibly lowers weapon alpha, just like the Final Boss.
  • Change: Holding Tab to see your current upgrades now slows down the game.
  • Change: Made explosive modifier less intensive.
  • Change: Modified Areas now have updated descriptions, to better inform the player that they also boost their stats.
  • Change: Increased how long destination text stays on the screen, so people have more time to read said descriptions.
  • Change: Dark Matter Overload will no longer trigger if you are immortal.
  • Change: Made it a lot more obvious when you are immortal/can’t take damage.
  • Change: Made some more HUD elements have black outlines.
  • Change: Debris that spawn during the final Boss will have an outline, making them easier to find.
  • Change: Final Boss, Phase 1 teleports half as often.
  • Change: Several performance changes.
  • Change: Rainbowsplosion skill can no longer cause Statues to explode.
  • Change: Adjusted Yuki fight to be more like Gimmiko.
  • Fix: Banned items would draw over your selected upgrade stats, now it draws behind them.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where the Biker would get stuck in place if the game paused/slowed down during their leaping phase.
  • Fix: Telecom would damage the enemy that spawned the AoE, basically making it a 50% damage buff on everything that spawned it. The initial hit enemy is excluded now from the AoE damage.
  • Fix: Some weapons didn’t have hitsounds assigned.
  • Fix: Wibbler enemies were not having Peril speed applied to them properly.
  • Nerf: Statue of Gamble asks for +1 Reroll each time you use it. (1,2,3,4,etc.)
  • Nerf: Sentry damage adjusted, (10+VERSION) > (15).
  • Nerf: Missile Pack damage adjusted, (10 impact, 50 explosion) > (15 impact, 45 explosion).
  • Nerf: XP Cannisters no longer gain the benefits of Unstable Enhancement skill.
  • Nerf: Stack Overflow now has a cooldown of 2.147 seconds.
  • Buff: Stack Overflow now does 10,000 damage instead of 999.
  • Buff: Snow Globe knockback increased, 0 > 0.75.
  • Buff: Soul Spear damage increased, (40+VERSION) > (45+VERSION).
  • Buff: Demon Wings damage increased, (3+VERSION) > (5+(VERSION*2)).
  • Buff: Demon Horns radius increased, (48+VERSION) > (48+(VERSION*2)).
  • Buff: Demon Horns activate radius is now visible on the player.
  • Rework: Hunter’s Bow no longer splits on contact, instead piercing through, homing to enemies near the cursor, able to hit the same enemy multiple times. Upgrading it now increases how long it stays around, instead of split count. This should help it stay relevant during bosses and late game.

Quite a lot of changes here. I will say, with this many changes, there is bound to be a few new bugs that flew under my radar while making this patch. Even after just releasing it, I had to fix and issue relating to the music stopping because I tried changing some of the sound priorities to make late game’s audiospace feel more “balanced” so you hear the stuff you need to, and the pointless stuff gets drowned out, but some stuff slipped through the cracks so if there is any important audio that doesn’t play or gets cut off, please tell me.

And then after I uploaded that build, I accidentally set the pitch to 10 making everything sound like chipmunks. So then I had to upload a new build. ːsteamhappyː fml this video game crap is hard.

I will probably end up taking some time to make a public beta branch so everyone can playtest the next patch. If you have any immediate issues or suggestions, you can also come join the Discord as well. Sorry for all the fuffing about, it’s my fault.

There will probably be one more patch focused around fixes/balancing before Christmas, and then I’ll basically be full steam ahead on the first actual meaty content update.