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Picayune Dreams » Update

Hey, it’s me Stepford! Thank you so much for the awesome reception to the game so far. Right now I’m looking to squash any bugs or glaring gameplay issues that pop up! I am looking to work on one or two ‘content updates’ so if there’s something you’d specifically like to see added to the game, please tell me your ideas!

  • Added: Always show XP Radius option.
  • Fix: Steam Overlay Screenshot functionality.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash when using a Statue of Distribution.
  • Fix: Distant enemies will only be cycled out if the game isn’t paused/levelling up.
  • Fix: A bunch of spelling mistakes have been corrected.
  • Change: Increased Level Cap to 25, up from 20.
  • Change: Everyone will start with 1 free skillpoint, meaning you have as many skillpoints as your actual Profile Level now.
  • Change: Beating an Overdrive level rewards you with an extra bonus skillpoint to spend.
  • Change: Statue of Distribution can no longer spawn before Bunny boss, as its effects are negligible at that stage of the game.
  • Change: You can now scroll menus using the right analog stick.
  • Change: While Looping, enemy spawns should increase more as Peril increases.
  • Change: Enemies have slightly longer spawn immunity, as to not be killed offscreen immediately.
  • Change: The size at which XP combines together now scales bigger with Mortality.
  • Change: Various Performance fixes.
  • Nerf: Turret Firerate interval increased, (10 > 15).
  • Nerf: Shrapnel Shells now makes 3 shards instead of 4.
  • Buff: Chainbelt damage increased, (2*version) > (1 + (3*version).
  • Buff: Soul Spear knockback increased, (1.5 > 2).

  • Outstanding Issues:
  • – The background on the final boss can cause some slowdown on some PCs. Try toggling the “Disable 3D Backgrounds” setting to see if things normalize! I’m still looking into this.
  • – Sometimes the game doesn’t say it’s closed, even after closing? I probably messed up the Steam API somewhere hehe :))