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Novi Cube » Update 0.9 finally arrives

This Update was bound to release a couple of days ago, but it took a lot of testing and balancing to get the new upgrades and the new enemy right.
Also the difficulty and bosses where a bit tweaked, so expect a better experience on HARD and EXTREME mode.

Version 0.9

Major Changes

– New Enemy Shapes
– New Special Enemy
– New Upgrade Type: Homing Shots
– New Special Upgrade: Waveclear and Returner
– Friendman starts with even bigger balls now (why are you laughing?)

Minor Changes

– Various Bug Fixes
– Buff of the Gold Tiles and for Cubi (More XP from Gold Tiles)
– Rebalance of range you get from Explosive Upgrades
– Rebalance of the chance you get for specific projectiles
– New Algorithm for projectile size upgrades
– There is no upper ceiling for projectile size (this one is for you @Olexa)
– New Tooltips for Enemy Level, Challenge Rating and Tokens earned in the HUD
– HUD and tooltips are now visible when you choose a new upgrade
– Game speeds up once all enemies are dead (thx for the suggestion @ClippedShots)
– Game Speed goes back to normal once a new turn starts, which prevents the fast forward bug in boss fights

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