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Knight Overloaded » Update 0.9.0

hello. We apologize once again for the later-than-planned update.

General improvements to the game
Weapon effects have been greatly improved!

Weapons have been repositioned to attack more intuitively.

Improved in-game stat representation


We’ve improved the visibility of impacting blocks


There are many more fixes & changes!

New Content
  • A new character, the Frost Queen, has been introduced.
  • Dozens of new blocks have been added, including 12 new weapons.

  • We’ve temporarily removed the Astrologer, Engineer, and a few other blocks that didn’t quite fit the concept.
  • I’ll be back with more improvements.

The Journey to Full Release
  • Spice up the game with new monsters and elites, new patterns, and cool rewards
  • Some UI and graphical improvements for more unity
  • A wealth of new content
In closing…

Due to my lack of experience and knowledge in the early design stages of the game, there were a lot of problems, so it took me a long time to make improvements that are much bigger than they seem from the outside, a level of gutting and rebuilding. Now that the game is much more stable than before, I think it will be easy to add more content in the future! It was hard work, but I did it thanks to you guys who enjoyed the game. Thank you ^o^

Also, we’re always looking for bug reports and content ideas, so feel free to leave them in the comments or discussions!