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Robot Revolt » Update 0.7 Launch

Finally, patch 0.7 is here!

It is finally here, took a lot of work and we hope you like it! The headlines:

  • Controller Support added (keyboard also!)
  • Auto-aim added to all weapons (manual mode can be toggled)
  • The Ice, EMP and Fire elemental statuses have been implemented
  • Rebalanced game, no difficulties, more enemies
  • New textures and colors
  • 3 new weapons and 2 new items
  • 2 new vehicles
  • Various gameplay tweaks
  • A beta boss fight

Controller support has been added! It should work fully but unfortunately none of us regularly use a controller and we had to improvise 🙂 We really would like your feedback to get this into proper working order. For now we consider this to be in beta.

Auto-aim options added. By default all weapons are now auto-aim. Some weapons can be toggled to use manual aim in the pause-menu. The default behaviour can be changed in options.

Elemental statuses implemented, fire damage causes DoT, ice damage causes a stacking slow and EMP damage cause targets to take bonus damage.

Difficulties have been removed. The only difficulty now is actually a combination of the previous three. Was removed as we felt it really didn’t add anything to the game.

Colors have been added to the game. We tried going for a style and felt it never really hit the spot. We have now added new textures and colors to the environment.

Extensive, but not complete, list of changes:

Weapons and Items

– maximum level for weapons and items has been increased from 6 -> 8
– Fire damage added. Deals more damage over time.
– EMP damage added. Electrifies targets, causing them to take increased damage.
– Ice damage added. Slows enemies. Stacks.
– new weapon: Frozen orb
– new weapon: Scythes
– new weapon: Shotgun
– Machine Gun “ammo” upgrade replaced with piercing upgrade
– Death Roller now has a chance to drop repair kits w/ upgrade
– Ground Spear rebalanced to focus more on heavy hits and fewer spears
– new item: Heavy Metal
– new item: Corpse Exploder
– Mortar bounce effect will now bounce a random direction


– reduced damage by around 30%
– suicide enemy has been added. Will explode when close after a short delay.
– zombots have reduced health from 150 to 120
– zombots no longer have any resistances
– enemy bullets have improved flight mechanics making it easier to judge positions
– reduced number of enemies in special waves by around 30%


– vehicles now have custom amounts of weapon and item slots
– vehicles now have more prominent abilities
– luck now increases pickup range

Gameplay Improvements

– difficulties removed
– auto-aim added
– controller support added (beta)
– full keyboard support added
– you now keep all traits you found even if you die
– rare and legendary traits have 5x higher drop rate (was extremely low before)
– number of enemies increased by 30-50%
– take reduced damage when hit multiple times in quick succession
– your current location is always shown under the timer
– market and factories now show their coordinates
– repair kits can no longer drop from crates

A whole lot of random fixes and tweaks