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Magecraft » Update 0.6

Hello all! We hope you enjoy this new content update!

New Content

New Spell: Blood Burst

Rarity: Common. A triangular burst of low damage homing projectiles that utilize a new lifesteal mechanic.

New Spell: Fusillade

Rarity: Rare. A strange spell that rapidly fires projectiles towards the caster from random directions.

New Spell: Scintillating Beam

Rarity: Uncommon. A beam that fires in a clockwise pattern with high damage

New Spell: Sunbeam

Rarity: Rare. Fires a laser that persists on the screen for a period of time dealing constant damage to anything it touches.

New Modifier: Lifesteal

Grants health restoration on hit with a fixed cooldown. When at full health the healing is converted to “Overheal” which serves as an additional layer of duratility on top of max health. Each wizard has a fixed Overheal cap for that particular class.

UI Improvements
  • Added the player’s current status to the item equip window.
Balance Changes
  • Fracture damage and knockback bonus from 20%, 30% -> 40%, 60%.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a duplication bug in level-ups.
  • Fixed spell tooltip not accounting for play cooldown reduction
  • Fixed Wizard Hat not using colored descriptions.
  • Fixed some typos.