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Gnostic: Survivors » Update 0.5

New Starting Area

Random world generator

  • Walk through the shimmering wall to generate a new world with new locations, enemies, and loot each time.
  • As you level up, new enemies will begin to appear in your world
  • Level by collecting souls from fallen enemies, spend souls at the Level Up Station to increase your stats.
  • You can also spend souls to roll for a random reward

New Spell Casting

  • There are 2 types of spells, Heavy and Light
  • Heavy spells have a cooldown of 30 seconds, Light Spells 10
  • Tap E to cast Light Spells, Hold E to cast Heavy
  • Slot the Spell you want to use in its corresponding slot

Endless Mode

  • Endless mode is changed, use your current weapon and items to see how long you can survive
  • You can find items and bring them back to your home base
  • Weapon level progression can not be completed in Endless Mode

Weapon Levels

  • As you use your weapon, you will unlock additional unique abilities
  • Check your progress at the Weapon Upgrade Station


  • As you play you will naturally unlock rewards, head to the reward statue to check if you have any.
  • When the statue gains fiery wings, you have a reward
  • Kill enemies, get head shots, and kill bosses to get rewards


  • Enemies will now try to maneuver around the player, creating more interesting combat
  • Guarantee crits by aiming for the head
  • Enemies have different reactions depending on where you hit them


  • When you die, besides in Endless Mode, you will drop your current souls, you can retrieve them back.
  • You will not lose any items or weapons on death