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Cosmo Rider » Update 0.5.41: Re-design loot drop items and More

Hello Riders,

Patch notes:

  • Added Neuro-Bucks icon (suggestion by Klesk) and Research-Point icon to all text views.
  • Floating labels (like damage labels) are now anchored to world position.
    Comment: floating labels are contributing to the feeling of position and space on stage.
  • UI: render galaxy modifiers as Floating hint panel
  • UI: update progress bars, add gradient animations
  • Show Challenge and Aid scores as separate properties on System map
  • Render projectile HP and description in Gun description UI panels (etc. RailGun)


  • Re-design loot drop items. There are now 4 types dropped:
    – Gear (costs 1$, it’s dropped when common unit node is destroyed);
    – RepairPack (1$ + 1 HP repair, dropped from common node);
    – MicroCircuit (3$, dropped from weapon node and from main node of low tier units);
    – Core (10$, dropped from main node of high tier units, elites and bosses);
  • Carrier unit (in mission) can drop Gear, MicroCircuit and Core items.
  • Doubled the effect of EnemyBonusHp_ByGalaxy multiplier, added BossBonusHpMlt_ByGalaxy multiplier
  • Reduced RailGun damage by 50% and increased tear-off effect by 100%.
    Comment: previously Rail-gun was to OP against multi-node Bosses. Now it damages Bosses just slightly better than Laser and totally shreds low/mid tier common units.
  • CollectIntel mission is cancelled when portal is opened
  • Update Station guns and torque

  • Updated some parallax sprites
  • Reworked Graviton VFX
  • Added player repair VFX

Bug fixes
  • UI: Bucks amount was rendered instead of Fame level in English locale
  • UI: fix button overlap in layout of Galaxy-Selector for last Galaxy
  • Shrimp and Carrier units should drop Core item when defeated
  • Fix installation of RadiationEffect when radiation is just expired

Happy riding: