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Cosmo Rider » Update 0.5.30: Mission briefings and more

Hello Riders,

Update notes for new Patch:

  • Added Mission briefings to clarify tasks on Stage. Stages with Mission will be marked with [!] sign on Solar system Map.
    Comment: there are currently 4 available Mission types. Next step is to add variations, new Mission Types and to add Quests (set of Tasks to complete globally in one Galaxy or Solar System).
  • Turned off asteroids Spawner after portal is open
  • Updated ‘Carrier ambush’ mission: add escape portal; assign sentry drone to carrier from 2nd System
  • added Circle Explosions module to Bosses
  • added Tear-off damage effect to HyperBoostPhysicsOverride mod
  • UI: update layout in equipment installation windows
  • UI: rework dialog window
  • UI: rework Leaderboard, show loading spinners
  • UI: rework loading screen spinner
  • UI: add options to return to Main Menu from different screens
  • reworked portal-direction VFX
  • reworked HUD marker system
  • HUD: added skull spinner for boss
  • updated graphics on System Map
  • updated radiation VFXes
  • enhanced station control UI; update station capture VFX
  • animated power beam preview line;
  • added preview area circle for Radiation cloud; animate circle preview area of Circle AI powerUPs

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed binding name for Scroll-Storage action
  • Fixed AI reaction to damage by Player for some sources of damage