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Magecraft » Update 0.5

We hope you enjoy this new round of changes and additions! Let us know if you have any issues on our Discord or in the steam discussions.

New Content

More Waves

Enjoy 4 new waves of significantly higher duration, with much tougher enemies!

New Boss

After defeating the new waves, encounter an entirely new hand-designed boss! Be sure to put your dodging shoes on.

UI Improvements


All descriptions boxes for items, modifiers, and spells have been replaced with tooltips that appear on hover. This should help the UI to feel a lot cleaner and only display detailed information at the player’s request.


Additionally, all descriptions have been rewritten to be more detailed and better formatted, as well as color coded to highlight important sections.

Spell Stats

You can now see a detailed breakdown of the stats on your spell by hovering over it in the spell builder.

New Font

The old font has been replaced with a new, stylized font throughout the game.

Balance Changes
  • Immunity time for enemies hit by landmine doubled.
  • Damage mods now scale additively.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some projectiles having the wrong layer.
  • Fixed audio on railgun being too loud.
  • Fixed some callbacks not being invoked correctly behind the scenes.