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Cosmo Rider » Update 0.5.21: UI/UX

Hello Riders,

Here are the patch notes:


  • Slightly increase speed of player ship, reduce speed of ramming enemies, slightly increase camera view.
    Comment: ramming units can be OP and annoying.
  • Turn off gravity of Stage Portal while also turn off Bucks drops from common AI units (elite units still drop Bucks after Portal is opened)
    Comment: turned off portal gravity and also prohibited infinite farming of Bucks. This change allows Players to complete stage missions and finish off elite units after the timer expires (but it’s risky without Repair packs dropping).
  • Increment stage timer with every stage completed.
    Comment: later stages have more time before Portal is opened.
  • Update parallax speed and scene bounds.


  • Tutorial: add dialogue explaining Neuro-bucks
  • Bugfix: fix starting equipment in Tutorial


  • UI: add mouse support into all UI windows and menus
  • UI: rework research screen controls
  • UI: accentuate appearance of controls hint panel (quick blinking few times)
  • UI: add game hints at loading screen

Happy riding!