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Soundodger 2 » Update 0.5.10: SHATTERED


It’s been a couple of months, so here’s a couple of months of updates! Lots of small QOL fixes can be found below, such as holding shift on the Pause screen for additional options, but there are some major additions to the game you probably wouldn’t have guessed would ever be added. That’s right, you can now shatter to pieces right in the middle of a game. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to practice, get better, and show those mean bullets you came to dance.

In fact, I had more to say about shattering than could fit here, so please read through this Shatter FAQ if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy it!

I also might have mentioned some “bangers” arriving a month ago, which you’ve surely noticed are absent from the game. Rest assured they will arrive in a later update. They need a little more time in the creator oven. Thanks for being patient!


changelog 0.5.10

  • Added shatter / health system (shatter FAQ here)
  • Added heatmap to Shattered and Results screens (hover to preview audio, click to practice)
  • Added practice points to all levels in main game
  • Added , and . for choosing practice points
  • Added results animation skipping. Press any key or click
  • Changed center enemy to push out player in progress movement challenge
  • Fixed squash direction of player in vert movement challenge
  • Fixed header reading invisible line breaks
  • Fixed lasers not colliding with updated shield radius
  • Fixed blank practice points displaying an empty text box
  • Fixed clears not firing when in pause/unpause animations
  • Fixed invisible center enemy having a hitbox during intro animation
  • Fixed invisible center enemy pushing player outwards with progress movement active
  • Fixed shadow clones being able to collide with domes
  • Fixed erroneous-looking pixels in shadow challenge icon


  • Added obey stops to advanced bullet deck
  • Added undo/redo buttons (and ctrl+z/y), removed other defunct buttons. Undo is still WIP, use at your own risk
  • Added functionality to all remaining tool buttons (and removed some, too)
  • Added select all by type button to Extras toolbar
  • Added transparency support for outline color
  • New Project: Added more checks to prevent folders from opening
  • New Project: Added error message if project already exists
  • Changed Stop to be its own extra (stop clears from 0.5.3 are converted automatically)
  • Changed stop event icon to be consistent with others
  • Changed bullets back to not animating as gravity affects them
  • Changed text extra input box to match selected font
  • Separated OOB and ignore border into 2 things
  • Color window: Fixed invert color when non-color1 is active overriding that slot with color1
  • Fixed reset anchor value not updating input box
  • Fixed survive rewind button not having its own tool tip
  • Fixed dynamic event view not updating when reversing event anchor values
  • Fixed clear events sometimes firing multiple times
  • Fixed text wrapping of [exclude enemies] input box
  • Fixed softlock when canceling the load xml window when current project is unsaved
  • Fixed dome inconsistent dome thickness between preview and fullsize game windows
  • Fixed wrong x values for placing/dragging markers on ultrawide monitors
  • Fixed visual offset of waveform in timeline
  • Updated [set prefab trim to playhead] icon to match the playhead better
  • Improved performance when selecting all
  • Changed various input text boxes to not display rich text
  • Fixed not being able to paste bullet markers in prefabs

Level Select

  • Added collision mod: choose between zen, shatterproof, or fragile (1 hit death, oh boy!)
  • Added better coloring when hovering over a level with a transparent outline color
  • Changed “classic” tag to appear on all legacy levels
  • Changed mod window hover sfx to play uniquely to prevent overloading
  • Changed powerup button hover sfx to change in pitch
  • “—” displayed for unfinished level that’s been played
  • Fixed odd behavior when holding shift and selecting a level
  • Fixed unlocking level/difficulty sfx being muffled
  • Fixed folder music not looping
  • Fixed wrong powerup colors shown when selecting blast/shield
  • Fixed hovering over non-focused level switching to unreadable white text
  • Removed “new!” in score position of level buttons


  • Options: Added page 2 to How to Play (and next/prev buttons)
  • Options: Added controls page (under gameplay tab)
  • Pause: Added shift key holding to get alternate options for certain buttons