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Cosmo Rider » Update 0.5.1: Difficulty Levels & Research Screen

Hello Riders,

New update adds:

Difficulty Levels and World Progression

  • Completely reworked the scale and progression of the game world. There are now 4 Galaxies (4 difficulty levels) x 3 Solar Systems (based on the number of Bosses) x 16 stages, totaling 192 stages.
  • AI unit attributes and enemy spawns now improve between Galaxies. In next updates there will be unlocked new enemy types and challenges in addition to difficulty scaling.
  • Progress is now permanently saved after each Galaxy, allowing new runs to start from the last reached Galaxy.

Research Screen and Meta Progression

  • Research new weapons, modules, and their mods to prepare for challenges across all Galaxies.
  • Research can be done at the beginning of a new run and between Solar Systems. And new items researched will start appearing in the current and future runs.

Additional Changes:

  • Breaking Changes: The save file structure has been updated. Old saves will no longer work with this version.
  • Added a new Radiation-Accumulation mod for the Radiation-gun.
  • Various balancing adjustments and bug fixes for a smoother gaming experience.
  • Fixed the UI for 4:3 aspect ratio monitors
  • And More: Various other minor improvements, optimizations, and bug fixes have been implemented to enhance overall gameplay quality.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the new update!