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Gunsuit Guardians » Update 0.41

Hey folks, I’m back.

First of all, sincere apologies for the long delay between updates. There were a few reasons for this long downtime. Firstly, I was committed to some freelance work earlier in the summer. I also personally experienced a bit of burnout having worked so hard and so long to get Early Access released and the several updates that followed that.

And finally, this update is a pretty hefty one! Version 0.41.0 introduces 2 new GunSuits, 2 new Special Abilities, and 4 new Weapons, all of which have a new Achievement required to unlock them.

There’s also a change to the way lightning storms work: aliens inside them will regenerate health, but are guaranteed to drop an EXP gem. If you make some smart tactical decisions you can really ramp up the number of gems you accumulate.

Finally, another new addition is the ability to view a breakdown of each of your weapons’ stats such as kills and DPS at the end of a run. Useful for gauging which weapons work well for you.

Change Log

Here’s the full list of changes in this update…

  • 4 new weapons.
  • 2 new GunSuits.
  • 2 new Special Abilities.
  • 8 new Achievements.
  • Weapon-specific stats are now visible at the end of a run.
  • Lightning storms have a new risk/reward effect on aliens.
  • Quitting a run now presents a confirmation message.
  • Swapped order of Weapon and Special Ability when selecting your starting loadout.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Minor presentation change: GunSuits now define ‘reload speed’ instead of ‘reload duration’. This means positive values are better instead of the negative.

Thank you for your patience while I’ve been working on this update. I really appreciate your support. ❤