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Gunsuit Guardians » Update 0.40

The leaderboards have been reset again for this update. This is to add support for a new feature below. Hopefully resetting the leaderboards won’t be a regular occurrance but it makes sense to get the big leaderboard changes out of the way early. Apologies for the disruption. The old leaderboards have been preserved here.

Detailed Leaderboard Stats

You can now hover over any leaderboard entry to view stats from that player’s run.
These stats include: their starting loadout, what upgrades they chose, what level they reached and what wave they got to.

Are there any other stats you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments!


You can now Reroll the upgrades when you Level Up.

At first you need to spend Coins to reroll, and the price goes up every time you do it within a run. But you can also purchase Free Rerolls from the Upgrades meta-shop which grants you up to 5 rerolls per run.

I will probably improve the generation system in future updates (right now it’s 100% random, but I’d like to make it more intelligent) but I just wanted to get a basic version of this feature into the game for now as it’s been requested a lot.

Change Log

Here’s the full list of changes in this update…

  • Reroll added to Level Up screen. Spend coins or use your free rerolls.
  • ‘Reroll’ in meta-upgrade shop; grants limited free rerolls in each run.
  • You can now view details of any leaderboard entry by highlighting it.
  • Leaderboards can now be accessed from title screen (find in Info Hub).
  • A floating number pops up when you recover HP.
  • Darken Background setting in Options menu.
  • More stats tracked: gems collected, small/giant care packages opened, damage received, health recovered, power-ups acquired.
  • Sonic Cannon has larger clip size and faster reload.
  • Most weapons have better knockback, particularly laser and thermal weapons that typically had none or very low knockback.
  • Mega-Magnet powerup now pulls all items for 5 seconds instead of triggering once on pickup.
  • MediBot regenerates a smaller amount more frequently instead of a big chunk after a long delay.
  • Tweaked Penetrator powerup icon.
  • Reduced audio overload when lots of coins are collected in quick succession.

I hope you enjoy this update. I’d really like to get stuck into some more substantial updates next. I know a lot of you have been asking for more content and run variety. I just want to let you know: it’s coming!! I’m a solo developer with 2 kids so progress can be a little slow at times, but I do fully intend to expand this game in lots of ways, so please watch this space. 😁

Thanks for your support!