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Freedom Drive » Update 0.4

Early Access UPDATE 0.4


New Map – The Shifting Sands, the desert got its second map and with it the first medium difficulty! Can you get the new Achievement; Sand Viper.

New Vehicle – The XL Jupiter Tonans, a Battle tank capable of devastating large groups of energy with the use of its NOs to power its main canon.


Uber Clad had its armour removed and speed reduced.

The Camera now clamps at the boundaries of the map.

Pumpking now has phase based armour, gaining 1 per phase.

Major Bug fixes

The Vipers Rc Car should now trigger more reliably.

Multiple minor bug fixes – for more details check discord and Steam discussion.

In progress

Stats Screen Damage stat is still zero.

Bugs and Polish, please report anything you can to the Discord

New RoadMap coming soon

Weekly content updates

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