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Gunsuit Guardians » Update 0.39

NOTE: This is the 2nd attempt to publish this update. A pretty nasty bug was discovered shortly after publishing it yesterday. Apologies if you saw the previous announcement and wondered where it went. 😅 Thanks to the folks on Discord who help track down the source of the bug!

On with the original announcement…

Some sneaky players found a way to endlessly farm points, but that strategy is no longer possible!

The leaderboards have therefore been reset for this update. The old leaderboard has been preserved on Steam. Apologies to everyone who gained a nice score using conventional methods, but you are now all on a more even playing field. That top spot is up for grabs again!

Change Log

  • Power-Ups can now drop from Care Packages (there are currently 4 Power-Ups available).
  • Magnet now pulls pickups even after they have left its radius.
  • When EXP gems are left behind they are now gathered into one huge gem of equal value. This huge gem will be dropped by an alien once enough value has accumulated.
  • Weapon Class is displayed when selecting weapons.
  • A new system to prevent endless score-farming on the final wave. One minute after the boss appears, the points you gain for each action start depleting. After another minute your score is frozen.
  • Large gems and XL gems.
  • All bosses have lower max HP.
  • Final boss moves faster and attacks more frequently.
  • All boss’ bullets move faster.
  • Mid-bosses have lower mass (i.e. easier to knockback).
  • Final boss gives x5 more points than mid-bosses.
  • Shiny aliens give x5 points than regular aliens.
  • Visual FX is more noticeable on shiny aliens.
  • Shiny aliens now drop more valuable gems, instead of just dropping more gems.
  • Medium-sized gem now looks more like an actual gem.
  • Giant Care Packages now drop large gems instead of medium gems.
  • Big Blue and Big Red aliens no longer always drop gems (they now use the random chance like regular aliens), but can drop more EXP.
  • Music no longer cuts out if you level up quickly after selecting an upgrade.

In case you missed the last announcement too, GunSuit Guardians is now Verified on Steam Deck. I’ve been playtesting the game often on my Steam Deck, so it’s great to finally see that big green tick. Hooray!

Please keep the feedback coming. I really love hearing your thoughts, whether it’s in a review, a forum post or on Discord. It’s all useful information that helps me improve the game. 😁

Till next time,