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Gunsuit Guardians » Update 0.38

OK look, sometimes you play a bit of classic PS1 mech-combat game Armored Core, and you take a liking to their gigantically oversized reticle that fills the entire screen. And sometimes you decide that would be a great design for the crosshair in your own game.

But sometimes, the players don’t agree.

So then you quickly patch the game to add an option to change the crosshair to your game and everyone’s happy, right? 😇

Change Log

  • Crosshair appearance settings in Options menu.
  • Hanzo suit: reduced speed and special cooldown bonus, increased knockback.
  • Barricade ability: wall object is thinner, expires faster and recharges slower.
  • Big Red Bubblehead aliens now drop more EXP.
  • Alien bullets are now visible on top of player’s bullets.
  • Options menu is now divided up into tabs.
  • Distant objects are now only despawned once per second (optimisation).
  • Save data is now correctly written to disk on scene load, game over and when you quit a run.
  • Aliens now drop the correct EXP amount (the maximum was being capped).

Thanks so much for checking out this game in Early Access! I’ve been blown away by the positive response the game has received so far.

I’m working hard to address the community’s feedback and will continue to update the game over the coming weeks and months. Please share any feedback you have on Steam Discussions or Discord. 😊

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.