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Cosmo Rider » Update 0.3.30: Drones & Turrets

Hello Riders,

A Drone companion is added into the game. It follows and protects you. Also, it can copy your Guns, Modules and gun Modifications when upgraded.
Next, Sentry Turret was reworked, so you can have 2 companions at the same time.
However, when fully upgraded your AI units can copy Drone Hub module, so they also can have their own companion drones. So now you can get into battle with a squad of 5 units.
Finally, new AI Hub module shares upgrades between your Drones and Turrets!

Also, in this Update:

  • Make Dark stages darker; add Flashlight to player AI units.
  • Upgrade Dialog provides 2 options for Module Modification; Passive modules can be installed only from Map now.
  • Fix infinite Radiation stacking which led to “7-seconds” boss stage in some cases!
  • Fix: Game is saved on Map after beating Boss.
  • Fix: load SloMo and HyperBoost icons in InventoryWindow on map stage.
  • Fix: clear rocket TrailRenderer on spawn.
  • Fix auto-shooting hint in tutorial.